Liverpool Football Club essay

The club was named after the town where it was founded, Liverpool England. Since its formation in 1892, Liverpool has played in Enfield as their home ground winning a number of trophies. The club is the second after Manchester United with a total of 19 Premier League cups. Apart from the Premier League silverware, the club has also dominated the European football market for almost 120 years. ELF brags five European Cups, three FAA Cups, and three FAA Super Cups. ELF has had different talents working with the best around the world.

The legendary players the clubs will regret retiring from football include but not limited to Kenny Dahlias, Steven Gerard, Steve Highway and Ian Rush (Laboratory. Net 2013, p. 5). Bob Paisley and Bill Shank’s are some of the legendary managers who it is believed that the culture of the club revolves around their policies and philosophies. Asses and asses were the major turnarounds of the club. Before 1 970, ELF struggled to cope with the pressure at the league and always found itself at the relegation zone. The arrival of Bill Shank’s and Bob Paisley changed the club and leading to 18 silverware, 11 league cups and seven European Trophies.

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George Kay, Don Welsh, and Phil Taylor were some of the notable managers that ever managed the club before the arrival of Bill and Bob. The club has also seen some of its famous players like Kenny Dahlias thrive as a player and later come back as the manager. The current England national team manager, Roy Hudson managed the club for one season between 2000 and 2001 before paving the way for Kenny Dahlias to return for the second time as a manager. This was the period that was termed as ‘the return of the King’ as the club was optimistic they will regain their lost pride.

Dahlias never captioned his fans when he claimed victory against their close rivals, Manchester United in his first match in his second spell. He also signed stars like the Uruguayan striker Luis Square and the English striker Andy Carroll as a replacement for Fernando Tortes who moved to their local rivals Chelsea FCC. ELF is currently sitting fifth in the Premier League and are struggling to make it to the Champions League. The current manager Brendan Rogers has come under fire as the club fans are demanding success in the team. Explain how Liverpool football club is related to the premier league culture Liverpool

FCC is a club which is full of culture and fantasy. Liverpool FCC is rich of culture as compared to other Premier League Clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea SEC. The club enjoys a big support from the fans which Can be noted from the chants and the singings of the players. Motto of ELF CUFF motto of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” embraces the reverence and endurance that one has to pass so as to become a Lilliputian. This motto was drawn from Rogers and Hammerings musical, Carousel, which they only sung once at Enfield and has forever remained in the memory of all the fans.

Spectators of Liverpool FCC will sing this song to cheer up their players in almost all the matches. The song talked about the tough challenges that were eminent and the unwavering desire and support that fans should have to support their club. The culture of support, endurance and patience can be seen in the song asserts Scott (2012. PA). It is true that most of the club’s fans have stayed with this song something evident at the current situation of the club. Liverpool FCC has not won major silverware for a period of time yet they still have the full support from their fans.

CUFF is totally different from other PL clubs where fans and players quit the club after a slight failure to make it to major silverware. Faced with difficult situations and tragedies, LECH fans have never stopped to cheer their club. L FCC is one of the Clubs in England which have the highest number of fans in the world. The club has fans in almost all the continents including Africa and Asia. One of the factors that have made the club to gain this multitude of fans is the fact that the club does not have any discrimination to players.

There are some of the PL clubs which eve been accused of racial abuse where fans boo a black or they don’t sign a player from a particular race. Liverpool believes that a player should be rated with his quality of play and never their skin color. Kilo Tour, Mario Bilateral and Maddox Shako are some Of the black players who have inspired as overall players. “The Liverpool Way according to Scott (201 2, p. 4) is a common term amongst many football fans. Many clubs have tried to copy the way ELF have been doing things and how they have been able to get from tragedies but in vain.

The secret to Liverpool success for a long time has been related to the club culture of Honesty, integrity, quality and unity. These characters have made the club to survive such tragedies such as Weasel Disaster and Hillsboro Disaster. During the Hillsboro Disaster, Steers (201 3, p. 1 1) concludes that 96 L FCC fans were killed and 799 injured. The club’s culture of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” has made the club and the fans to stay focused as they believe they are not alone. In most occasions, the club has remembered the lives of those who died having some minutes of silence fore the commencement of major matches.

This is a clear indicator of how the fans mean a lot to the club. The technical development and style of play of Liverpool FCC is another thing that most clubs have tried to copy but with a little success to show it. ELF had a style of play which came to be known as ‘pass and move. ‘ ELF outplayed most of its opponents with this style of play as the opponents found it difficult to cope with it. Finally, the youth development of ELF is one of the outstanding factors that have made the club to prosper. Liverpool FCC has an academy where talents are developed and nurtured.

Players like Flanagan are some of the staunch defenders who have played for the club for as young as the age of 17. Conclusion Liverpool FCC is a great English team which gains its strength from the support of the fans. L FCC has the potential to regain its lost pride if the club will keep on standing with their philosophy and style of play. The culture of the club has a greater influence in the PL and in Europe Football as well. Almost all clubs are working tirelessly to win as many types of silverware as LECH has one.

Apart from the silverware, different clubs are also struggling to gain the love and the support from fans the same to the one enjoyed by ELF. It can be concluded that ELF will remain a big club in the hearts of many even when they have gone many seasons with a drought for the league cup. Recommendation For ELF to keep on with the good work they have witnessed in the past, the club must sign marquee players who will win the hearts of the fans. The club needs players who will fit in the shoes of Steven Gerard and other legends as Tortes and Square.