Life factors and events essay essay

Life factors and events essay been looking at the case study of Vera Ibises life, have noticed that Vera has had many factors that have potentially affected her development. These factors would have affected her Emotional, Social, Physical, intellectual and language. Some on the factors I will be talking about are Genetic, Biological, Environmental, Socioeconomic and Lifestyle. So in this essay I will be pointing at out the factors that have affected her development and will be telling you the factors have affected her life. I will also be picking out two predicable and unpredictable events in her life.

Going through the case study have noticed that biological factors has effect the development of Vera, this happen because she lost her love one in the war, however during this time she was pregnant her diet was poor and she suffered from several infections. This would have affected her physical development as she was getting many infections; this would of weaker her immune system especially if she was not having a good diet. This would have also affected her emotional development, as she was pregnancy so she will be going through development of new hormones, she would have been tried and maybe in main as she lost her love one.

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This might have also affected her social development because if she had serial infection she would have had to be in the hospital a lot to keep her and the baby healthy. I have also picked out socioeconomic factors that has effect the development of Vera, this happen because she got seriously ill when she was 13 and missed a lot of time at school by the time she got back to school her friends socially isolated and by age of fourteen she left school with no qualifications.

This would have affected her intellectual development as she missed a lot of time from school s well as leaving school at the age of 14 with no qualifications, this would have meant that she would find it hard to find a job and earn money. This would also have affected her social and emotional development as her peer groups had isolated her, this would have knocked her confidence down, as her peer groups isolated her means she wouldn’t be socializing with anyone her age, this could make it hard for her to make friends in the future. Eve kept looking through Vera case study and I have noticed that environmental factors have effect the development of Vera, this happen cause she had to share a room with her three sister, they also had to move in to their grandma’s house what was cramped, cold and damp. This would have affected her Physical development as she this cause her to get ill and develop asthma, that could lead to get worst through the life stages. This could also affect her Social and emotional development as she has to share a room with three sisters, this would have meant that she had no privacy and no space when she want to be on her own.

At Vera age Children like to have their friends round, however there was no space for them. I have also kicked out lifestyle factor that has effected the development of Vera, this happen because when Vera was in later adulthood Alan died, this lead her to comfort eat and she rarely left the house. She also left the house to become dirty and smelly. This would have an affected her physical, emotional and social development. This is because she has let her physical appearance down by not washing, she was comfort eating so it would have affect for body, and this could of lead her to get diabetes, or give heart disease.

This would also affect for social development as she doesn’t want to leave the souse, this means that she hasn’t got anyone visiting her and she not going out the visit any friends either. She would also be very emotional as her partner died, leading to decline in life. This means that she keeps in a cycle that she doesn’t what to break. Both emotional and social link together as this will lead her to become very depression, because she hasn’t got anyone there to get her out of it. The last factor have found the Vera case study is Genetic factors; Genetic factors have had an affected on the development of Vera.

This is because when Vera was younger she develops Asthma from the indention she was living in. When she development asthma she constantly needed treatment for this condition, which her family couldn’t afford. This would of affect her physical development as she constantly needed treatment, this shows that she is very ill and it would be affecting her cardiovascular system. This could have affected her emotional development as she would be upset, as she could do the same as all the children at her age as she is constantly being ill.

As you could see this would affect her social and intellectual as if her Asthma was really bad she would be missing time from school not giving her the time to make friends or learn. I think that that most factors in Vera life happen through the way she was nurture. I think this because she was brought up in a family that isolated her more than her other sisters. When she started school, she didn’t do well, so her parent used to hit. This would have left her emotionally unsustainable. When she was in childhood everyone started to leave her out and the conditions of the house wasn’t good.

Later in childhood she develops asthma with could have been genetic so she would have been nature. When Vera was in adulthood she went to org and fell in love, however he died this left her stressed. However when get married she push through her past and changed to become different to her parents until her husband died. That pushes her to be emotional. Through the later stages so push herself to not be like her parent and move in to her daughter giving Vera what she needed and wanted through life.

A life event can change the pathway of our lives, affecting our personal development. Some major changes in life can be predicted and even chosen, whiles others may be unpredicted. Predictable life events, such as starting school, going through retiring from work. Unpredictable life events, such as sudden illness or injury, the death of a friend or relative. Starting school is a predictable life event; however it can have an influence on development. Firstly it would have affected intellectual development as she will have to learn new things and will need to remember people names.

It would also affect emotional development as Vera had to become more independent and would have had many emotions such as being scared nervous. Starting school means it allows person to makes friends. In school Vera learnt how to sake friends however when Vera got ill her friends isolated her from the group. This made it hard to keep friend in the future. Leaving home is an predictable life event this has a effect on physical development as Vera has to develop new skills and learn to control the changes of diet. You also learn how to plan your life and bills that affected you intellectual development.

It would also affect your emotional and social development as you could feel lonely and living own your own will give you social life or won’t. Most people will have an illness in their life; however these are not always serious. Vera suffers from many health conditions such as asthma and she also had a serious illness when she was 13 and lost all of weight. Vera social life since she had this health condition had drop as her friend isolated. As we get older you change as a person, this means relationship happens a relationship can grow stronger or can get weaker.

In Vera case her and her first love was not married; however she was pregnant with his children when he died. This left Vera to become stressed and who diet changed. Later after Vera lost her lover, she moved away and got married to Alan. She and Alan sort their life gather until he had a heart attack and died, this left Vera weak she never left the house and she comfort ate. “Nature versus nurture is a psychology terms related to whether heredity or the environment most impacts human psychological development (Behavior, habits, intelligence, personality, sexuality, aggressive, tendencies and so on). [Cliffs notes, 2013] Many theorists believe what we have inherited and our genes, makes us the way we are and how we develop. Other theorists believe it is the way we are brought up and our experiences, that make us the way we are and how we develop. Vera Brisket development had connections with both nature genetics also nurture, environment. Both life stages childhood and adulthood shows Vera life events such as Physical abuse when she was a child then later on in her adult life she used to break down easier and give up.

This shows that nurture had the main impact on Vera life as it was the environment and people within her surroundings who gave her a negative childhood. Vera emotional development was the greatest life stage that had the largest effect on her life and later events that took place. Nurture has the greatest effect on Vera. Her life went from bad then to good then back to bad. When she was a in childhood and her mother and father used to hit her and tell her she wasn’t good enough, and all the friends she made isolated her. Later on she settled and got married.

Then in Later adulthood her husband died. This shows that although Vera went from starting off bad to good the bad came back later on to live with her daughter where she lives to be happy. Vera social development was influenced by nurture. The environment and people within Vera life affected her with her educations. Vera had a lot of people who was always putting her down. Vera wasn’t highly popular and had no friends within her life when she was in childhood this was all due to nurture, as her family didn’t us port her or her friends.

Vera upbringing was very dysfunctional she was bought up by her mother and father, growing up Vera experienced a Physical abuse from her mother and father until her father died. The family then moved the grandma house where she was also neglected by her grandma as Vera wasn’t her favorite. In her adolescence Vera intellectual development was affected by the nature debate as during this period as she was very ill and had develop asthma, she had to leaving school at fourteen with no qualification, however she succeeded in getting a job working in factory that built aircraft. This job enabled her to learn new skills and allow her to make her own money. Vera was able to form emotional bonds with people in her life; she began a relationship with her first lover. Vera didn’t get married to her first love because he died, however finding out she was pregnant with his children, this lead to become stressed.