Learning Team Reflection Week essay

This learning team reflection is the collaborative work of all members of the team.. Specific steps on how Team D would handle the situation are explained in detail. This paper is intended to educate the reader on the different managerial behaviors that are necessary for a manager when developing empowering people by delegating. Scenario The scenario centers around a manager who finds himself in a dilemma due to issues directly related to his boss assigning too many projects to him at the same time. This manager’s immediate supervisor has delegated too many assignments to him at one time.

Rocky is the manager of the contracts group or a large regional office supply distributor. His supervisor, Anne Gumball, has delegated an assignment to Rocky requiring him to prepare a manual that consists of new procedures for the contracts department. This assignment is to be completed by the end of the month. The manual must contain a list of specific steps for the department to follow during contract negotiations with manufacturers of office products. These are the companies that supply office products to the organization where Rocky is employed.

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Rocky would like to delegate this assignment to one of his employees. Five Behaviors Described for Delegating Managers need to understand the different behaviors described for delegating in order to be effective. Robbins and Coulter (2010) define five behaviors for delegating Clarify assignment Specify employee range of discretion Allow employee participation Inform others delegation has occurred Establish feedback channels Clarifying the assignment is important to ensure that task objectives are defined clearly.

If not done properly, the result may not align with the desired outcome. Specifying the employee’s range of discretion is a means to establish the boundaries of the assignment. Authority is limited within the range of the defined scope. Allowing the employee to participate in establishing how the assignment will be carried out allows for more buy-in from the employee performing the task. An employee will become more vested if he or she becomes a part of a delivered solution. Informing others that delegation has occurred is simply a communication plan.

This type plan is critical to ensure the employee has the support of those required to complete the assignment. Through key performance indicators that monitor assignment progress, feedback channels can be established. These channels can effectively aware stakeholders that a particular project is under control. Without proper feedback channels, an assignment could be derailed with little visibility until the deadline. Skills Exercise Learning Team D considered all five of the described behaviors for delegating as they pertain to the scenario.

Team members agree on managerial behaviors that would best handle the specific situation provided in the scenario. The following is a reflection of how Team D would handle this situation for the best possible outcome Learning Team Reflection As a manager, Rocky is aware that the assignment could be completed effectively and efficiently by one of his employees. His first form of action would be to consult with his immediate supervisor and request permission to delegate the project. This way Rocky follows the chain Of command while informing others delegation has occurred.

Anne has no objections but insists that Rocky clarifies the assignment to ensure all expectations and parameters are met. Rocky clarifies the assignment and delegates Bill Harmon to complete it, therefore allowing the employee to participate. Bill has worked in the contracts department for three years. Rocky is the manager of the department and is fully aware of Bill’s ability to complete this task appropriately. However, to specify employee discretion as well as establish feedback channels, Rocky schedules a meeting with Bill to review the assignment before it is passed on to Anne.

Bill will complete the assignment, Rocky will proofread and double check the assignment, and Anne will turn the completed assignment in at the end of the month. Conclusion In conclusion, Team D agrees that these managerial behaviors will result in the best possible outcome for the contracts department in regard to the specific situation provided in the scenario. It is this team’s opinion that all five behaviors described for delegating should be considered when empowering our people by delegating.