Learning From Mistakes essay

Mistakes are an inevitable part in human growth and development. They are encountered from the very beginning as people interact with one another and become very evident in the learning process. Bearing in mind that no man is perfect, it becomes vital for each individual to allow for re-evaluation, correction and learning so as to be made better than they were. In this essay we shall consider mistakes and why it is important to learn from them.

The success of a company can be attributed to its ability to learn from the market ND the employees and acknowledging where to improve for maximum service production. Learning from the market clearly defines the desire that consumers have regarding the products in the market therefore helping to establish what to maximize on and identify errors made by the predecessors or by the company itself which acted as a hindrance to achievement of goals.

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Companies have the tendency to allocate employees jobs depending on the vacancies present reducing the perfect ground for specialization (Arises 1 This leads to employment of people who work to fit in the gaps that have en predefined for them which mostly includes working harder to fit in the job description, an aspect that at times leads to lack of efficiency in the overall output. These are some aspects depicting the necessity of identification of mistakes for improved efficiency.

The first step in learning from mistakes is analysis of the subject who are any individual including scholars, employees, parents and children. For one to learn, they must first admit that they were wrong to equip them with the space and the environment required to change. Several reasons exist showing the importance of people learning room mistakes (Appear 3). By learning from one’s mistakes, an individual is given a chance to avoid repeating them in the future which ends up enhancing the overall quality and productivity of that person.

This in essence helps people to overcome the stigma associated with being errant and a failure. Since learning from mistakes is a comprehensive process including accepting where one was wrong, its fulfillment leaves one with the sense of having achieved something. The way people carry themselves and the esteem they attribute to themselves is highly affected by the way they perform and owe they are rated in their environment of residence. An errant person is more likely to have lower self-esteem than one whose performance is flawless.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are therefore aspects of a person’s life whose improved is proportional to their rate of learning from mistakes. When one learns from mistakes, the overall ability and performance improve since the potential to experiment in more fields is unveiled. The quicker the rate of learning from mistakes a person has, the more their chances to experiment more therefore raising their chances for specialization and overall advancements.

In conclusion, all people are destined to err in one aspect of their lives. The courage to accept wrong doing and the desire to learn from the mistakes is what enhances and encourages a person’s development and advancements. Learning from mistakes is therefore an important aspect for those willing to advance and achieve higher than the position they hold.