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For this assignment I can confirm I have adhered to the El 05 ethical guidelines by using information gained from my own setting. Parents of children whom have observed as part of my studies have given written permission, and are aware they may withdraw this consent at any time. Parents, colleagues and other professionals acknowledge they will not be identified at any time during this assignment. Self-Assessment Profile am now aware Of the United Nations Convention on the Rights Of the Child. My knowledge in learning theories have improved, I had no knowledge prior o enrolling on IEEE.

I am now more confident to make changes within the setting, and to discuss the reasons why the changes are necessary to improve practice. Now think about the reasons why am doing what I plan to do, especially when observing children. This has major improved my time management. A general reflection using Self-Assessment profile B Children now have more freedom to choose activities that I previously would have considered too risky. I have disseminated my new skills and knowledge to staff to enable us a setting to improve practice. Am more aware of horses of learning, and plan activities with an end result in mind. Eave personally completed several observations using a variety of methods rather than consistently using the same method. I now consider children’s next steps more in depth. This has helped with planning overall for the setting. I now think about why I am doing things before actually doing them, I also look at what I say I do and what I actually do. The setting safeguarding policy has been re-written since analyzing documents in IEEE. Have reflected on my leadership skills and make a conscious effort not to take over. My confidence using the computer has increased since studying IEEE. M now confident to add to online discussion forums. Plan for focus UP have chosen to focus on Pl – Inclusive Practice ? Planning and Assessment Reflection The Early Support Care Co-ordination meeting notes mention my inclusive practice, highlighting the changes have made to ensure the child can access mainstream education. This relates strongly to block 2 as it involved reflecting on my practice with parent partnerships and multi-agency working. The newly developed next steps sheet demonstrates the improvement in my reactive as now consider what want the children to gain from an activity before actually planning the activity.

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This was as a result of block 3. I believed what I was previously doing was correct, but I had not taken time to reflect properly. Both of these pieces of evidence have been key moments in my professional development as they have made me think more about the importance of reflection. Block 1 reminded me of the need for reflection, something I had unfortunately begun to pay less attention to. If I had not completed the activities throughout El 05 would not have discovered my are 3 beliefs, and neither would I have looked at what I believe my practice to be and what is actually like (layers 1 and 2).

The fact that I have taken time to change documents highlights have been reflective and now have the confidence to implement the changes. References Garrison Landlords reviews about the history of children’s rights in Reader 2 ‘Promoting children’s welfare by respecting their Rights’ was interesting and informative. It proved thought provoking when re-writing our safeguarding policy. Alison Clark ‘Listening to children’ in reader 2 highlighted the differing says children can contribute their views and experiences.

This has been adapted in my planning sessions, allowing the children to have a voice even though they are very young. Challenges involved Staff taking on board the changes, some believed things were ‘fine’ the way they were so why make changes. Time – I found implementing the changes very difficult as we are a full time day care setting so have little free time to plan the gradual implementation of the changes.