Lead And Manage People essay

Teams basically function through a certain chain of development that entails forming morning, performing and storming. To incorporate these entire patterns in the management of the team, a good manager should seek to motivate the team that they manage. The management should seek to form the balanced team in terms of gender, diversified skills, experiences, wide range of perspective, as well as rationalities.

On the same line, the strong team formation entails the incorporation of all the viewpoints and perspectives of the team members that appear to be encouraging and that can steer the team forward to make it underscore the rivals. In such perspective, the motivation of the team members becomes the vital approach to keep the team intact and focused towards its objectives. The other skill required to boost the team is effective communication in the team between the team leader, management Of the firm, and the team members.

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Accordingly, the efficiency of the team embers and their experience has to be realized through the quality of output. Such can be bettered through the use of both nonage and wage incentives to maintain the team and avoid its separation to look for better pays elsewhere. Such are the approaches to curb deviance in the team formed and ensuring it is united for the common goal. Recruitment and selection of the team members is the basis of the success of the team. The selection criteria should be made in such way that the selected members are the best among the applicants- through transparency in the selection criteria.

The job matrix of the team to be selected ought to be put in place to ensure that the right individuals with the required skills and experience are chosen. The use of the job selection matrix ensures that the shortlist applicants are better off than the applicants dropped. As such further test should be done by the human resource office during interview to further select the prudent and fit people. Such tests entail the aptitude tests, hiring experts in the field to ask the shortlist participants questions, and using the in box assessment.

All the approaches are meant that the selected personnel meet he team recruitment standards are can work better for the team to meet its goals. After the selection is done, the deployed team should be inducted, be trained development needs, be passed through the training needs assessment plan, and to adopt the grow model. All these approaches are meant to ensure competence. The weakness of the approach, however, is that with the newly introduced faculties and jobs, the team is bound to meet challenges of experience in the selection model. Experience will be compromised in the team and they will need to be subjected to a lot of training.

Such will mean the management and leadership departments will incur a lot of costs and losses in the learning curve. Accordingly, when the selected team IS competent then there is need for duty delegation among the team members. It is through delegation that the management gets the job done diligently and effectively. The falling team is that with the selfish managers that aspire to do all duties by themselves and to order the team members arrogantly. Such is the scenario where the team members think they are the only one with the needed expertise to perform all the managerial deeds while ordering the members on everything.

Effective duty delegation calls for some special skills and knowledge from the manager and team leader. The two have to identify the specialty of the team members and delegate duty to every member in regard to their experience and skills. For the success of the delegation, it should be made in such way that it outlines the roles of the member delegated, the expected out of them, and the time span for the accomplishment of the duties. The weakness of the delegation is the lack of confidence in some of the selected members.

However, with the SE of the right selection criterion and the use of the selection matrix, the team consists of the right individuals that utmost faith can be based on and make the team successful. Duty delegation has the strength of ensuring prosperity of the team and the right accomplishment of all the set duties in time. Motivation is vital for all forms of leadership and management. It is the skill that means that one has to be self-confident in them and in all the other team members. Motivation is the skill and tool that is the drive to accomplishment of the duties assigned to the team.

Motivation is personal and can be external as well. Accordingly, personal motivation varies dependent on the variation of the personal takes and the years of work. Some of the motivational drivers of the team are money wages, the incentives, provision of good work environment, and motivation of the team through workshops. Accordingly, to strengthen the teamwork through motivation, then the management should involve the team members in decision making to build utmost confidence as the form of motivation. Conflict may also arise in the team due to poor management.

The manager would deal with the conflicts withholding discipline as the drive towards solving the conflict. For example the causes of late reporting to work hinders timely compilation of the reports. The causes of such lateness are deviance due to drinking at work and organization of strikes. The avoidance of such conflict between the management and the team members can be best curbed through proper communication. The shortcoming of such conflict resolution method is that it entails technological approaches and lack of such technology means the team will be unable to resolve the conflict.

Communication binds the society, the team, as well as the managers. It is the overall strength towards attaining the best team and teamwork excellence. The communication to team members is paramount to ensure that the goals of the team are attained. The strengths in communication are that the members of the team remain intact and always focused. Secondly, the team has one voice considered from the members and managers. Thirdly, team briefing should be done regularly to keep the team members updated on the arising issues. Roper facilitation Of the team keeps them focused and the roper channeling of information should be meant to ensure that even in case of any conflict; communication between members curbs. Good communication facilitates team planning as well as team coordination. Communication also boosts the managerial skills in the team. Most team managers believe in planning, decision making and problem resolution. It is the case given that most of them are trained and promoted due to their managerial skills and approaches in the field. However, managers experience the challenge of self-reflection and forget the team.

For better planning and session making, the manager and team leader should draw great attention to other team members and minimal attention to themselves. They should seek to provide all the required skills and training to the team through workshops and regular inductions. Good communication through the team leaders helps to improve management and planning. Delegations, Of duty are essential as it makes the team attain the set objectives in time. To understand he team dynamics, then the leader has to drop self-interest and seek to motivate the members and always remind them of the core goals that the group is meant to attain.

Such makes the training and technology adoptions the best approaches towards management of the people in the entity or team. Report Two The Hershey-Blanchard model of situational leadership holds that leadership is not determined by only a single style- and that style cannot be deemed as the best style. Good leadership task-based and the successful leaders remain those that are able to withhold their leadership techniques to the latter (Hershey and Blanchard 1999). The best leaders are those that aim at high but achievable goals. Such leaders are ready to encourage team building among he workers.

Similarly, they carry themselves responsible for the task assigned to the group and to some extent take the team as their own business. Finally, they adopt the contemporary educational skills and couple them to the acquired knowledge and skills to successfully manage the team. The success of leadership varies depending on the team that is lead and the objectives of the group- for example to attain the profits the team sets certain goals and the managerial skills. Such aspects give the Hershey-Blanchard situational leadership model the two conceptual frameworks on which it lies on.

These are the group or individual maturity level and the leadership style (Hershey, Blanchard, and Johnson, 2007). The basis of the model is to analyze how people respond while in the group led by an individual as the leader of that team (Section 4, n. D). The leader is supposed to delegate duty, engage in sales, and be a participant in the team that they are managing- because they ought to act as the role models of the operations. For the business that is profit oriented, the manager or team leader should engage in the selling activities.

It is necessary if the team members lack full skills on how to optimize the sales and realize optimal profits. The leader should engage in the operations (sales) to enable the willing members to learn and to garner the sales skills from the manager of the group. The aspect of the leader participating comes into being for the leaders of the teams at times when the members in the team are able to perform the operations delegated to them but they shun from performing the duties. Such makes the leader to participate such that the time constraints do not curtail the operations of the team (Intuit Cookbooks Online, n. ). Accordingly, the appointed team deader- Harry of the reservation section is assumed to possess all the skills of leadership. However, it is notable from his operations that the manager forgets that the leadership skills and the gained experience of Harry over years do not permit him good managerial skills. Harry is seen employing the participatory and the selling concepts of successful team leadership. To him he assumes that if he engaged in the activity then he will be able to boost the reservations section to realize its profit minimization objective.

However, it is not the true picture that the team records. Initially, the selection of the team as not up to date. Such is true given that the leader, Harry, chooses the non- experienced and experienced members and mixed them together. It would be easy to if he selected one slot of people- either experienced staff members or totally new staff members. Such would have helped him to manage his team well. It is due to such a selection that the observers and the customers realize that the team has failed and Harry attempts to engage in the teamwork operations cannot reawaken the team.

His actions and trials to reunite the staff team and arrangement of the congested customer queues rove him as being the role model of the team, but, he failed in his duty allocations. Delegation of duty to the team members by the group leader is an approach to develop the team cooperation and commitment. However, Harry has to be advised on the ways of duty delegation. He has over time worked as the leader in the prospective big national team that had experienced members. However, the introduction of the same approach in his team failed.

The failure arose due to most members being new and yet they were allocated duty. For the new members, Harry should have engaged n their slot to conduct the sales while the experienced old members of staff would be delegated duty to perform the sales on their own and serve customers efficiently to conserve time. Similarly, he would not have made the new members that are not much experienced on how the operations are done over years to lead the older members in the entire group.

He should have made the communications efficient between the members and always timely to announce the changes. As such, the management of the leader of the group Harry could have curbed the experienced challenges of conflict in the group led by Harry. The ability to manage the selected team solely lies in the hands of the team leader. Successful management entails good communication, good delegation of team activities, proper planning, time management, and utmost motivation. Such organization helps the team to steer up and realize the set goals and targets.

Such are the drives that Harry ought to have adopted from the beginning to boost the team that he was selected to lead. The team believed in self-motivation for every member and Harry did not engage in motivating them. It is the reason why the coordination of the members became hard for Harry. Harry had the strengths of having leaded the team, in the rivalry company with 200 members, over years and realized success. He can still meet the same in the current company if he addresses delegation, communication, and participatory issues.

He should not be running here and there shouting at the employees who are nonchalant and less concerned over the team goals. Instead he should unite them, carry out induction with them- to make the new team members familiar with the operations, and to seek on the ways to motivate his team. Such are some of the approaches that will result in unity among the members ND the general success Of the team. In conclusion, working with the team is one of the best ways of working towards optimization of the objectives of the department.

Harry worked with a team for many years and realized the best outcome as intended by the general management of the entity. It helps the employees to exercise responsiveness in that they work to accomplish the delegations given to them. When the team managed by someone fails, it becomes the concern of the onlookers. It is for such reason that the customers, staff, and suppliers express their annoyance over the running of he group. On the other hand, the leaders of the group in the firm should realize the essence of coming to work with sound mind and dropping the family issues while at work.

The mixture of the family affairs with the business matters make the company or the group to fail. Such is witnessed with the stress of Harry while at work. Having broken with the wife he is stressed at work and unconcerned with the operations of the group. Such dragged the group behind because he had no time to unite the new and old members. As such, the approaches to proper leadership and management should always e adopted before choosing the group leaders to favor the team from collapsing and to make It realize its goals.