King Of The Psychopaths Joey Graceffa Biography essay

After his sister did not let him go to her party, ten year old Joey decided to pull the best prank ever. He put on a wig an old trench coat and found a makeshift cane. He went out of the back door and around to the front of the house where the party was. As he waddled slowly and hunched over down the pavement, he started attracting attention. When he was sure all eyes were on him he pretended to collapse and fell on the ground, laughing hysterically. After a couple of minutes his sister and a few others went slowly to see if he was hurt.

As Nicole saw her little brother laughing on the floor, he grabbed his cane and began to beat him with it. Joseph Michael Graceful is an American flogger from Boston. He was born on May sixteenth, 1991, and is twenty two years old. He has a sister who is five years older than him, named Nicole, and a younger brother who is fifteen years younger than him named Jetty He started his Youth journey at sixteen, when he and his best friend Brittany Jolly started a channel called ‘Wintergreen’s’.

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It was when he was twenty that he started his current channel ‘Greengrocery’. When Joey was younger, he was playing with some toys when some paint came off the ceiling and onto his toys. Being the small child he was, he ate the paint which caused him to have lead-poisoning which subsequently create a learning disability. He was in special education classes all throughout school and he was extremely embarrassed about it. When he was very young, his parents got divorced, and a couple of years later his step-father moved in.

When he was twelve his mother became an alcoholic and, soon after, his step-father and her separated. After this, he and his mother moved into an old apartment and Nicole moved in with his father. His passion for acting started when he was ten, at the time when he got his first camcorder. Then, when he was thirteen, he got the lead in the school play. At fifteen, his mother sobered up, got back together with his step-father and soon Jet was born, but unfortunately was diagnosed with Autism.

When he was only nineteen, he and Brittany moved to Los Angels. There he made a lot of friends, including his friend Meghan Camera with whom he was on the ‘Amazing Race’. Now, he is in the middle of filming for his web series ‘Storytellers’. I think this is a great achievement for a twenty two year Old. This is one of the many reasons why I consider Joey Graceful as my role model and biggest inspiration in life.