King Lear and The Burial at Thebes essay

Taking Honey’s lecture as your standing point, how far do you agree that politically and social speaking Burial has much more to say to a modern audience than King Lear. From reading and analyzing Honey’s lecture, we can see the modern relevance of the characters in The Burial at Thebes to modern figures and situations to this date. King Lear as a play, adopts many modern teachings and plots which relate to issues going on in the world today. The character Antigen had become an accumulation of issues.

The theme in which Haney built his play around is the contemporary Margaret Thatcher. Croon represents Thatcher- the hot-headed ruler who denies the burial rights Of the hunger strikers, just like Croon denying the burial rights Of policies. The story of this modern history was told through the ancient story of Antigen. The political outlook of this play altogether was very controversial and provided profound modern relevance to the readers today.

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This play altogether was described by Haney himself in his lecture that “how often the play or its heroine could be adduced in the cause of liberation movements of many different kinds” Antigen was the individual against the state, meeting which happens day to day around the globe. In the storyline Antigen believed she was doing what she thought was right and was subsequently murdered for this. The issue of being killed for what you believe is right is an issue that arises frequently among history and today.

King Lear too includes modern issues that occur worldwide. The idea of terrorism and plot is weaved through the storyline even due to the time period in which it was written. King Lear is a man who is plotted wildly against; his own daughters Generic and Reagan have formed alliances and turned against him. Their plots are devious and cruel- something that is relevant to today’s society. Terrorism is a subject that is occurring more and more due to the ISIS executions and propaganda.

The terrorist group have done horrid acts, such as beheading and shooting 17 people dead in a desperate bid to maintain control of Syrian ‘caliphate’ in the face of growing acts of rebellion. They are a lethal group of people, just like Generic and Reagan are lethal towards their father in attempts to ruin him and take over his regal position. The idea of this terrorism and planned killings is an issue that has been occurring throughout mankind.