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Then I read, “Films and radio no longer need to present themselves as art. The truth that they are nothing but business is used as an ideology to legitimate the trash they intentionally produce. They call themselves industries… ” This idea that media is not what it used to be, that it is not art dumbfounded me. How do we take back what we thought was the purpose Of media? I realized after reading more of the passage the authors’ problem came with the idea that media served a purpose greater than entertainment or informational purposes. If I were them I would ask; Do you ever think about how great life must have been back in the day?

Watched a movie or a Spanish soap opera where you are taken to a time where people had to talk face to face and travel? I do it all the time. Yes, it must be very time consuming having to go back and forth and to constantly follow up with people to have good leisure and company, however, that time is now being spent with media and technology becoming tools of the economy and capitalist to become deviant of its purpose with what I assume to be the advertisement, ongoing filming of powerful people’s lives, and all the other forms of capitalistic living.

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I believe this is the big picture of what the authors are trying to tell us. Still some things go amiss in the translation of the language and in trying to interpret we may make wrong ideas in our head. Personally do not understand what the authors are trying to tell the readers with, “But the true masters, as both producers and reproducers, are those who speak the jargon With the same free-and-easy relish as if it were the language it has long since silenced. Such is the industry ideal of naturalness.

It asserts itself more imperiously the more the perfected technology reduces the tension between the culture product and everyday existence. ” understood the idea of sameness- to have all media focus on the same wing, the idea of medium specificity no longer in place gave media the opportunity to become capitalist’s biggest weapon. This idea of naturalness troubles me. At some point believed it was the same thing as the sameness they had mentioned but I realized that although the words were similar in trying to push the message forward, they were different in some sense.

There were points where I understood that the naturalness must be the actions that come to an artist when performing an art, a “style” if you must. But the authors went on to making it more than the style by pointing out different examples which confused me further. Understand the purpose of an article is to understand the points the author makes, especially in a case like this one where the authors exert forces of persuasion against the new technological advances.

However the overall message became pretty clear to me once I read the following sentence, or at least believe it did; “The more strongly the culture industry enhances itself, the more it can do as it chooses with the needs of consumers-producing, controlling disciplining them.. The original affinity between business and entertainment reveals itself… As society’s apologia”. There is an undeniable relationship between entertainment/media ND the business world.

The authors of this article play a case of Law and Order as they try to compile facts and ideas as to how the relationship is, still, overtime I begin to think understand those minor points to prove such idea am distracted by a new analogy. In this quote it is stated that entertainment is society’s apology. I did not understand if the authors meant in the sense of a entertainment being a constant reminder of what is going on in the world, which it must apologize for since it does not let us escape reality, or if it is in a sense that it apologizes for constantly taking our minds Out of the world it is n.

In terms of media as a capitalistic tool imagined what exactly could this apologia be an example of. I searched media and power to see if it had anything to do with the fact that media could take us out of the reality we live in in order to take over our thoughts and emotions, whether it is to sell a product or idea, and found something very remarkable. Our founding fathers believe in freedom of speech and our right to voice our opinions which is why America was created in the first place. However, why is there censorship? Is it to save us from what is perceived as harmful forces or to keep us in a certain mindset?