Kevin Paliakara French Retreat From Russia essay

Many of the citizens, in the defeated countries, were very hateful to their new foreign ruler Many Europeans resented Napoleon for many different reasons. Christopher Appalachia a citizen of Spain said, “l hate how the French try to throw their culture on us an d make us try to forget our own”. “The Continental System was placed upon us by Napoleon soon after his faille d attempt to invade Britain”, said British sailor John Churchill. The Continental System w as a law in which Napoleon blockaded the ports of Britain so there wouldn’t be any co amerce.

The main reason for this was when the smaller British Royal Navy destroyed t he French Navy, which caused Napoleon to wage Economic Warfare against Britain. Nationalism, one of the greatest things to ever happen. It is one of the major reasons for my many victories”, said Napoleon. Even though nationalism was great of r the French it was also the reason for many of the rebellions inside Napoleon’s Me peeler. In the countries of Spain and Austria there was much rebellion against the Free inch.

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Nationalism was the main cause for this since many citizens had pride in their countries and wanted to free themselves from Napoleon. In Spain the battles were tough since the Spaniards were conducting a campaign gnu of Guerrilla warfare which were hit and run tactics. This caused many casualties or the French Government, this caused Napoleon to leave more troops there then in tended. The Austrian at the time had been defeated by the French more than once. T his was why the rebelled they wanted revenge after their catastrophic defeat. We we re angry since we had lost a battle when we had more men and fire power so obvious y we wanted revenge”, said the former king of Austria. Once an ally of France, Russia withdrew from the alliance when Napoleon kneel argued the Grand Duchy of Warsaw which bordered Russia to the West. “l was outraged when I discovered of Napoleon’s great greed for Russian land”, said Alexander L The Tsar and Napoleon originally decided to divide Europe if the Russians hell peed with the continental system.

At first the Russians seemed fine with it but when it SST rated to affect their own economy they were more hesitant. This and the enlarging of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw were two of the many contributions for the Russian’s withdrew awl. Napoleon’s response to this was for him to call for an army from 20 different nations, this army was to be called the Grand Army. The Grand Army consisted of 600, 000 soldiers and 50,000 horses this huge army was the invasion force.