Kate NOTES Red Bull Presentation essay

In 2010 Red Bull had a marketing budget of around $900 million. It is rumored that a third of their marketing budget in recent years has been spent solely on the Red Bull Fl Racing. This budget would continue to increase each year with the continuation of large scale events being added to Red Bull’s promotional calendar. Brand Awareness Brand association in the key to Red Bull’s marketing strategy. How many people here have heard Of Red Bull? How many people here have tasted Red Bull? So these about percent??

In this study looking at how cultural differences affect the perception of a brand, Red Bull achieved a near perfect result when consumers were asked their degree of familiarity with the Red Bull brand. All most all people surveys across six countries responded with a positive result as shown in Table 1 and 2. Celebes & Athletes Red Bull invest a lot of time and money on associating the brand with the lifestyle of extreme athletes and entertainers. Those who are sponsored are never far from a can of Red Bull, have ample supply of Red Bull clothing and take advantage of living the Red Bull lifestyle.

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Who can name one of these Australian Red Bull sponsored athletes? Red Bull refuses to associate with alcohol brands even thought it is one of the more popular way to be consumed (as a mixer with vodka etc. ) Red Bull Music Academy Open to anyone who has a desire to be involved in music. Including producer, vocalist, instrumentalist, beat-maker, engineer, songwriter or DC Started in 1998, the Red Bull Music Academy has traveled all over the world. Europe, Northern America, South America, South Africa and even Australia when the Academy was held right here in Melbourne in 2006.

It’s not about getting ‘discovered’ by a record label or learning how to ‘make it’ in the industry. Its about a unique experience and inspiring people to continue to make music. Red Bull academy graduates have gone on to win music awards, top charts and go multi platinum. Promotion Results – By The Numbers In its 26 years of existence has sold over 40 billion cans. Red Bull is has annual sales of around 5. 3 billion cans. The 201 3 turnover topped 55 billion Euro It is sold in 166 countries It employs more than 9,600 people. They still hold the majority of the energy drink market share.

Despite health concerns over the product category, energy drinks saw an increase of nearly 7% in the LISA alone last year. Such positive figures can be attributed to outstanding sales in the Red Bull markets in India (+55%), Japan (+32%), Turkey (+1 8%), Scandinavia (+16%), Russia (+13%) and Brazil (+1 2%), Promotion Results – Digital The reaction on social media from the Red Bull Straits (man jumping from outer space event) was one of the biggest ever amassed. The event was seen live on You Tube by more than 8,000,000 people. On Backbone, within 40 minutes of being posted.

Red Bull’s picture of Bamberger generated nearly 216,000 likes, 10,000 comments, and 29,000 shares Conclusion Red Bull promotional strategy is a very progressive one. They continue to push the brand forward literally to new heights and maintain their position as the biggest energy drink company in the world. Their marketing campaigns are heavily focused on social and digital promotion and innovation is the key to their continued success. Through efficient cost management and ongoing brand investment they are the leaders in promotional marketing.