Jane Dare essay

The pros of using a medical terms are easy to identify, now a days if you have taken the course to help you. Having a terms complete your reports for you it seem like it would have save you a great deal of time in the medical world. In the past, people probably dictated your reports for a transcription department just like almost every other physician did. However, with the advent of ERR, most systems have allowed hospitals to practically eliminate transcription altogether.

Physicians instruct many medical terms or office managers to indicate that treatments or services were provided that were not. These errors add up over time, and they can lead to the practice or medical facility being implicated in medical fraud. Also, the cons of using medical terms may receive very little training. Some Of them have only received medical office training, and so their knowledge of basic medical terminology is probably not up to par with what an excellent patient report requires.

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That means that it’s very likely that’s important information is going to be missed when compiling reporting on medical terms. The abbreviation supports the diagnosis in Jane Dare’s health records is an efficient way of keep the patient’s privacy. Not everyone need to know the patient’s medical history or what then are getting treatment for. So the abbreviations help keep the patient privacy. If the person reading the chart is not careful, a mistake could be made.

If a doctor were to write and incorrect dosage, it could lead to overall different complications or health problems, and even death. A person reading a dosage incorrectly may also have the same result Abbreviations that supportable Dare’s treatments and diagnosis would be dosages for her medications. An abbreviation that could cause a mistake in a patient or clients, this is why we pay attentions to what we do and what we say before saying anything that is not accommodated by the doctors him or her self.