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One of the largest influences was religion, which also helped with the success Of this type Of artwork. (Cannon, 2002) Supported by the Catholic Church during a time when Protestantism was growing, and gave a dramatic flair to the Catholic faith when represented in art. Many of the Baroque subjects were representative of Biblical characters and stories. Rich color pallets coupled with the exaggeration of light and shadows allowed the artists to show movement in their works. This movement was often focused upward toward the Heaven.

This is demonstrated in the painting by Peter Paul Rueben, “The Elevation of the Cross” (Web Gallery, n. . ). The baroque techniques, a biblical subject, deep rich colors and light and shadows create a very dramatic effect. During this time the new science of astronomy was beginning to evolve. Astronomy became a large topic of conversation among the artists and many of their works show how this influenced them. 2. Romanticism Romanticism, often thought of as a reaction to Neoclassicism and the Age of Enlightenment, was introduced in the 19th century.

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Unlike Neoclassicism or The Age of Enlightenment, which focused on harmony and reason, Romanticism opposed the rational thought and played on the emotions. Seen mostly in literature, visual art and music, this type of art often included dramatic scenes and subjects that were meant to invoke an emotional reaction from the audience. Demonstrated by the Joseph Mallard William Tailor’s work “The Slave Ship” was created by using deep colors and light and shadows to create bold contrast. (Doge, 2011).

Chaotic, Dark themes were pivotal to the great works of this period. 3. Relationship between Baroque and Romanticism There are many differences and similarities between art that is from the Baroque Period and the Romantic Period. Both periods focused on the aromatic approach. Baroque artist may have used a deep color palette to show the emotion of a biblical story and evoke a religious conviction while Romantic artist used bold colors along with light and shadows to show the treacheries of a ship in a storm while out to see.

While in both periods we see the colors bring out the emotion of the piece- Romantic artists moved away from the norm and began to produce art for the sake of art rather than religious conviction. This movement make the romantic art works more of an expression of the artist inner feelings. Due to the use of the raw emotion that he artist put into these works, Romantic artists were able to broaden the topics on which they found inspiration. Moving away from religion, Romantics often used war, politics, and nature as their subjects.

The significance of the Romantic period must be contributed to this wide variety of subjects. In 1846 Poet Charles Baudelaire explained the difference between the emotion of the 2 periods when he said Romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor in exact truth, but in a way of feeling. 4. Compare 2 works from the 2 periods As we looked at each period earlier we examined 2 paintings, “The Elevation f the Cross” by Peter Paul Rueben and J. M. W Turner’s ‘ ‘The Slave Web Gallery, n. D. And Doge, 2011) Both paintings use the deep color and use of shadow and light to depict struggle.

The struggle is very different in each of these works however. Rueben, a Baroque artist shows the struggle of the disciples trying to lift Jesus and the cross upward. One may also notice that Jesus’ eyes are pointed toward the sky. The men’s muscle are depicted as strong and lean, using shadows and light to cause contrast. All of these are approaches that are typical of the baroque period. Turner brings the viewer’s Ochs to the bottom of the canvas, where you see deep dark waters with bodies floating out to see. The images are not clear and crisp, instead slightly blurred.

As you can see, there are influences in the later period, Romanticism, that begin in the Baroque period. 5. How has the Romantic period influenced future of art and other artists? In art today you will see many techniques that may have originated in the Romantic period. Instead of relying on religion alone, art today looks to many sources for inspiration, this is a characteristic of the Romantic period. Many works use bold colors and he contrast of shadows and light to portray the artist inner feelings. The romantic period also helped to influence the beginning of a later period, Dadaism.