Is Nick Carraway A Reliable Narrator – The Great Gatsby essay

Nick does not earn as much money and is much more poor than all his friend sin the book. Although he attends parties and dinners with the residents of East and West Egg Nick often feels out of place, this is shown when he says he feels ‘Voting and with 26) while at Toms apartment with Myrtle, Catherine and Tom. He never really feel s like a part of their group and he doesn’t fully enjoy himself while at the apartment. Even the cough Nick is part of ‘New Money’ he doesn’t feel or act as if he is, this is shown in chapter 1 when

Nick describes the way Daisy spoke saying that she “asserted her membership in a rather dusting squished secret society to which she and Tom belonged”(13). This shows how Nick doesn’t feel as if he fits in Ecstatic 2 with the rest Of the ‘New Money’ crowd. Nick also doesn’t make nearly as much h money as his friends in the book; Gatsby a rich criminal, Jordan a professional golfer and the e Buchannan who inherited their money. This is shown when Gatsby is asking Nick for a favor an d he says”Why, I thought why, look here, old sport, you don’t make much money, do you? 62). Again this shows how different Nick really is from the rest of his friends, they all live in e enormous mansions while he lives in a small house. Because Nick is separated from this secret society other people in the novel who are part of it like Tom who is eve elitist might n to be so open to Nick and might not tell him everything or how he really feels, because of this Nick is an unreliable narrator as he might not always get the full story.

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Although Nick refers to himself as an honest man when he says ” I am one of t he few onset people that I have ever known”(44) it is clear to the reader that he is n To. From the beginning of the book Nick is aware of Toms affair with Myrtle and he does n toting about it. He does not say anything to Daisy or to George Wilson, if he was truly and honest person he would tell one of them. In the novel Nick refers to Jordan as “incurably dishonest’ (4 3) but by the end of the book he meets with Jordan she calls him a bad driver and said I though HTH you were a rather an honest, straightforward person.

I thought it was your secret pride”(l 37). When she calls him a bad driver she means that he is someone who makes bad decisions an d just as Jordan is a “rotten driver”(43) because she is dishonest, she calls Nick a bad driver. Nick r offers to himself as honest but to other people such as Jordan he might not be. Lastly, at Gatsby funeral Nick lies to Ecstatic 3 Gatsby father. After seeing Gatsby body, his father says that “If he’d of lived , he’d of been a great man. A man like James J. Hill.

He’d of helped build up the country”(130) i n reply to this Nick says “That’s true”(130) awkwardly. Gatsby was a criminal and actually Eng adaptively affected the country but Nick, doesn’t tell him the truth about his son. Nick says early i n the book that he is honest but the reader sees that after the time he spent in the east he has b en corrupted, Nick is narrating this story after it all happened meaning that when he is narrating he is dishonest person making him unfit to narrate the story.

Nick begins the novel by reciting advice his father gave him when he was you anger about judging people. Although he claims to not judge people, when speaking to Jar Dan in chapter here he says “Dishonesty in a woman is a thing you never blame deep'(43) t his shows how Nick is sexist and treats and judges women differently than he treats men, high hilting his biased towards certain groups of people.

According to Nick the advice from his father r has caused him “to reserve all judgments”(l) but really, throughout the whole novel Nick is Jud king almost everyone who is a part of new money, except of course for Gatsby. Nick says t hat “Only Gatsby, the man who gives his name to this book, was exempt from my reaction”(2) the is quote alone wows how Nick favors Gatsby throughout the novel. Nick also tells Gatsby the at he’s “worth the whole damn bunch put together (118) referring to the rest of the new money and old money people.

This doesn’t make much sense as Gatsby has done just as many bad t wings as everyone else, if not worse. He has participated in illegal activities and is trying to woo a married woman. Nick saying this shows how because Gatsby is his friend, he chooses to ignore t he bad parts of Ecstatic 4 Gatsby. This would cause him to narrate the story inaccurately, potentially lea vying out important arts of the story that might make Gatsby look bad, making Nick an unreliable narrator.