Inverse function essay

I use exponential expression to determine inventory levels, labor rates, and to track sales and budgets. The hardest concept for me to grasp would have to be radicals or logarithms. Feel that I was starting to understand radicals after the third week of working with them and I am still confused with logarithms. Had to sit down with one of my best friends who is a wizard when it comes to math to write out the problems and walk me through them. Once I was able to work with my friend, and find each mistake as I made it, I was able to understand the concepts and find the shortcuts that could use.

RESPONSE 2 One of the easiest concepts for me was composite functions. They seem a little overwhelming at first, but once you break them down and see how they correspond together. I really enjoyed doing them. Like to see how things work together and how the answer is found. The hardest concept for me was simplifying quadratic equations. I was unsure when to use certain steps and simplifying odd square roots was difficult for me. Could have done more studying on the study plan and even online. I also should have attended the math tutoring available at our local University of Phoenix. Not one to just guess answers without trying my hardest. Can not stand to have a problem and not find the solution. Also noticed one thing I kept getting wrong on my quizzes was simplifying equations and inverse functions. Math is my favorite subject, but this class has been very difficult to get through. RESPONSE 3 think out of all the concepts I learned in this course, the quadratic equations and proportions were easiest for me to grasp. I think this is because they are pretty easy to comprehend. A lot of the equations were plug in and solve. The proportions we use on a daily basis so I was in the habit of solving these.

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It got a little tricky when they added different variables in the denominator as l/x + 2/x+2 = xx/ x- 1 and solve for x. This was tricky at first for me, but once realized that you had to find the LCD it got easier for me and started to like them. Think the hardest concept I have learned in this course was radicals and logarithms. I had a hard time finding what two numbers radicals when added together equals the radical. I think if would have taken better notes and had some sort of handouts on these, instead of going in with no previous lesson on these, it would have been better. RESPONSE 4

Actually throughout the course their was nothing that was the easiest for me to grasp from what I remember. If had to choose one subject to me that I would say gave me a less of a headache I would say working with equations, because the way it was explained in the book by showing different types Of examples which made the process of solving these different types of equations easier. The hardest to me was any concept that had to do with graphing equations. This was the hardest for me because, I have always had issues when it comes to graphing, and throughout this course it didn’t get any teeter.

I happen to be guessing when I do it, because don’t understand it very well. The things that would have made it easier for me is if there was more examples provided in text books and maybe other resources to break it down better than the book did. RESPONSE 5 The concept that I learned in this course that was the easiest for me to grasp were using polynomials and factoring. Have had quite a bit of practice with those, but what I actually enjoyed doing were the quadratic equations, except for the graphing part. I never really could figure out how to make a parabola.

I ally enjoy working with formulas because basically you are just plugging numbers into the formulas and doing the operations that are in the formulas, whether they are adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing. Think that the easiest concept Were the logarithmic functions as you have the help Of a calculator. The hardest concept for me was anything to do with graphing and the composite functions. I think that if I would have put a little more effort and practice into each of these concepts I would have understood them a little more clearly. Hello Welcome to scribed. Hope this tutorial will be helpful for you.