Internet essay

All employees will need to share files, this is why a file server is needed, it will make it easier as the information and documents on the server won’t have to keep moving through people’s Sub’s. There are three printers, two on the top floor and one on the bottom floor, this is so people who are working upstairs don’t have to bother going to another floor just for their printing. The third printer is for the boss because they won’t want all their information going out of a regular printer just in case there is confidential information which needs o be withheld from the employees.

The reason there is an email server is because every staff member needs email facilities; this is so they can contact each other without speaking out loud and interrupting everyone else. Their emails are also used to be able to contact clients about contracts and deals. The reason that the downstairs is wireless is so there is no holes or trucking on the walls. All switches have 16 ports no matter if it is wireless or not, this is because they can expand the business and bring in more staff without having o make changes and get larger switches.

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There are KGB cables used upstairs so there are faster connections and not WI-A interference. This is important upstairs as the important employees such as the boss work upstairs. Internet is needed for everyone so they can research prices for things and buy things into the company, without the internet they wouldn’t be able to run their own website. This isn’t a good thing because without a website they wouldn’t have as much business and no one would be able to contact the company.

The season why all the staff have to be able to log on to any networked computer is so they don’t have to move everything over by peer to peer network or keep everything on a USB, this will save time for each worker and make it a lot easier as anyone can work anywhere so if someone is ill downstairs then someone from upstairs can cover easily. It is important that using the conference room can connect their mobile and electronic devices to the network because if they can’t they won’t be able to read a document or image which is online which may be needed during a meeting.

They also might need to do a quick research to back up a point that they have made, this means they won’t have to leave the meeting to do research. The reason why the administrator has to be a centralized is because it will save time and will just make things easier in general. For example if a client or member of staff needed their password changing it would be easier than on a peer to peer network because you could just do it on the server and they would just log into their own account with the new password on any computer (client server).