Individual Project Controls essay

Trainers made certain the staff received the fullest attention as well as become comfortable with the footwear and adhere to our budget. OUTCOMES- Staff should feel extremely comfortable with the software and will be given a questionnaire for feedback, which we are looking forward to viewing and analyzing. Again, to ensure a successful transition, communication is vital for all offices so stakeholders are aware and prepared for upcoming events. Daily meeting s With be scheduled via web-based.

Schedules for each provider and their staff should eventually be shortened to accommodate training and mandatory attendance should be enforced. A checklist will be provided for each office with the necessary materials needed for the conversion and information regarding government policies. Our company realizes nothing is perfect and issues may arise with projects. Please be assured we will address issues as soon as possible. We will communicate any issues as well as our solutions as soon as they arise.

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Honesty and communication are our way to maintain a successful project. We ask that you, the stakeholder(s), view each feedback and communicate back to us any concerns you and your staff feel would be relevant and worrisome. Our team is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. We feel communication is vital and is the main reason we continue to meet on a weekly basis. We also feel creating ‘meeting minutes’ after every meeting would be beneficial as well as a great resource in the future.

Our company provided your users with a comfortable and relaxing environment, which we felt was an important aspect. We also maintained a professional friendship with each user for an additional comfort level. As stated above, we will be sending a questionnaire/survey for feedback after training has been completed, this can be completely anonymous. We were also able to stay within the given budget. It was a real pleasure to have worked closely with your employees and look forward to continuing a successful project with your assistance and declaration.