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Hence, it is significant to install those video games on portable equipment rather than using any expensive medical equipment, especially in some developing countries. This report will mainly explain the technique by video games therapy solving the stroke issue for patients. 1. 1 Background According to Cramer (201 0), the second reason leads to people’s death is stroke in the world today. Although many patients can survive in stroke and also lead some people might become disable. Stroke in the old is becoming a serious health problem in the public.

Therefore, stroke patients in rehabilitation training is essential. In addition, in some developing countries stroke patients cannot obtain completely therapy while many drugs will have did effect. For example, China faces tough challenges in stroke therapy, because stroke is a main reason of death in China (Ill, Wang, Wong & Wong, 201 1). Traditional treatment includes three different type of measure: robot- assisted therapy, intensive comparison therapy and normal physical therapy (Cramer, 2010).

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At the same time, the government spend on stroke care approximately 40 billion ARM higher than care of cardiovascular diseases every year. However, sometimes video games therapy is better than traditional physical therapy because it is very convenient patients can use it at home instead of some drugs. Sometimes, video games as part of routine physical therapy (KHz, Admiral, Zinnia and Needled, 2012). In addition, some hospital also can import some equipments that with video game therapy to help patients. 1. 2 Aim Therapy video games not only can help patients recover but also help some people prevent stroke.

According to College, Young, Life, Riskier, & Rockford (201 3), the stroke patients in the elderly more than young people and female more than male, especially in over 75 years. In addition, stroke can be cured in the initial stage (Saltshaker, Anderson, Goal and Keenan, 2012). The repose of this report is to consider the people who want to treating and prevent stroke. 1. 3 Scope Althea Lab company would design the video game software suitable people of different ages, especially in old people. It must be very simple control and easy to play.

At the same time , the video game can be make cooperative between the young people and old people. There are three emerging tends be present in this report, it including three dimensional technology, Kinetic technology and connect with phone or pad. 1. 4 Assumption and Limitations This report emphasize the strategies of video game therapy software have here emerging tends respectively are three dimensional technology, Kinetic technology and connect with phone and pad. However, Althea Lab company also face to two dilemma, the one it is how to get approval for health care.

For example, if ‘Health Lab company issued a video game and want enter the Apple store belong the Health & Fitness categories, it has a little bit difficult. The other one is realize Business to Consumer make everyone can come into contact the video game in developed and developing countries alike. 2. 0 Video game market Overview According to Essential Facts (2014), 59% of people play video games in America. The average game player is 31 years old. In addition, 56% of American parents admit video game have many advantage part Of their child’s life.

For instance, they believe video game can bring mental stimulation or education, the parents also think video game can help their children to connect with friends, and video game can make family spend time together make good relationship between parents and children. Oppositely, some parents do not allow their children play video game in China because they think there are bring a lot of negative impacts to study. However, a plenty of application about education existed in Apple store, 44. 5% of parents download them to their child and hope bring some benefit for them (Yang, 2014).

Yang (2014) also point out that 24. 8% of old people play video game in tablet to protection against Alchemist’s disease. Therefore, some video game software brings a lot Of benefit for people. 3. 0 Emerging tends 3. 0. 1 Three dimensional technology According to PR Newswire (201 2), three dimensional (AD) technology will fully applied in various field between 2012 and 2016. For example, AD technology used in the film make people feel more immersed (Park, Kim and Soon, 01 1), some television also start to incorporate AD technology and cooperate with channels bring more realism TV programs to people.

Not only is AD technology designed for the purpose of entertainment, at the same time, it can be used for medical treatment. For instance, some medical institution through AD ultrasound technology treating cancer and choroids melanoma (Phillips, Pope, Horny, Cohesion, Cream and Presses, 2013). L in, IL and Yang (2009) point out that high-resolution AD image can treatment arterial Stetsons, because traditional treatment methods brings more hurt to patient. Althea Lab focus on physical therapy, the company want to design a video game therapy software with AD technology.

So, Althea Lab need to cooperate with a AD technology company, as a fantastic medical application, records information of patients, helping them to fully rehabilitate. 3. 02 Kinetic technology Kinetic is a new and impressive technology, Oxbow 360 launched one game that named Kinetic in 2010. Childrearing (201 1) stated that study of kinetic technology is valuable. At the same time, kinetic technology has been applied to various fields except entertainment games, such as, education, retail, reduce display. In addition, Kinetic technology will be used in medical treatment.

Jejune (2013) point out that kinetic technology can collected the information of human skeleton, track body movement and actions. Meanwhile, Brown (2013) claimed that kinetic technology has been applied to medical. For example, physical exercise is beneficial for people who has stroke. If Althea Lab design the treatment video game with kinetic, people can control through controller. And patients can play it anytime. For instance, some stroke patient do not have enough time for treatment in hospital, it is o inconvenience.

Therefore, people just bought Althea Lab video game software and to finished some rehabilitation activities at home or office. 3. 0. 3 Connect with phone or pad At the present time, without any doubt, there is a rapidly growing numbers of software companies which are willing to cooperate with Tahiti Lab Pity Ltd on the project of developing devices’ applications such as phone and pad (Bustard, Willie & Greer, 2013). Additionally, due to the convenience of pads’ easier friendly customer interface and visual motor, mostly people tend to purchase the pad to their family members.

Tahiti Lab may provide software supported and submit to Apple’s application store. While ask for importing these hardware and soft;Ares into the medical institutions once the software is approved by Apple. Therefore, Althea Lab Pity Ltd must be cooperate with Apple to achieve success. 4. 0 Conclusion In conclusion, technology has changed many aspects of the way we live. Althea Lab UP Ltd should design more practical functions. Three dimensional technology and help stroke patients obtain more accurate treatment because the video game with AD technology it can collected more lawful information.

Kinetic technology make many people interest in video game therapy and created harmonious relationship between patients and health-care workers. Finally, people may use phone or pad download the software that from Althea Lab and accept treatment anytime. 5. 0 Recommendations This report has discussed the Althea Lab via video game therapy have three major emerging tends, such as: three dimensional technology, Kinetic technology, connect with phone and pad. And following recommendations can help to improve video game therapy more suitable stroke patients:

Althea Lab should try to contact with AD technology company, and share the video game therapy, obtain the more information of stroke patients while make people receive more complete rehabilitation. Tahiti Lab may provide free application download service in Apple store but it has limited time. Make a plenty of patients obtain this video game in their phone or pad because it is very convenient Althea Lab need attempt to negotiate with government especially in some developing countries, if the government can provide financial support many stroke patients will obtain an opportunity of treatment.