I can offer no final explanations for why we idealize love essay

For many of us, this is furthest from the truth, but it only feeds our desire to obtain love. Other than our natural instinct on what love is and the want to chive it, we do not know much about it. There are classes or people that can teach us what love is, how it feels, and how to act when we love someone because it is different for each person. Love is a feeling that cannot be put into words. We know it is beautiful and can make us happy, but we only think of love when it comes to finding a spouse.

We do not think about how we can practice love outside of finding a husband or wife even though practicing love is so much more than that. Practicing love begins with loving or caring about you. If you do not know who you are and accept who you are, how can you rule love and accept someone else? We have to accept that no one is perfect, we all possess flaws and lack desirable qualities, but we are capable of loving and being loved.

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Once we accept that, then we are capable of showing or giving everyone love, no matter how different we may be. Believe this is one of the reasons why many of us do not understand or practice love. Love comes from within, it cannot be forced or taught, but if we can understand this then we can begin to naturally learn how to practice love. It something that requires time, patience, and experience, but we all possess the capability f practicing love.

I think that nowadays we focus so much on success and material possessions to make us happy, that we have somewhat forgotten that love can provide us with a deeper happiness than any job or amount of jewelry can. Money and material objects are temporary’, but love goes so much deeper than that. Learning to love and receive love are qualities that stick with us forever and cannot be taken from us. Think that once we are able to understand that love is more than just a noun, that it is a verb, then we will be able to actively practice love to not only ourselves but everyone else around us.