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What evidence does this case provide for formulating and implementing a systematic approach to performance appraisal? There is lack of communication and information between the manager (Frank) and the worker (Lola). The performance appraisal should be a dynamic tool to achieve goals and to clear objectives and working procedures in order to be more effective. It is necessary to discuss issues during at least once a year. In this case, Frank should explain to Lola what are his expectations and give her feedback in order to achieve the objectives. 2. Do you believe that Lola’s performance evaluation was valid and reliable?

Do you feel that Frank had a bias or stereotypical mind when filling out the evaluation? Explain your answer. Yes. Frank had already mentioned to Sue that he was not pleased with Lola’s performance before the review was made. In it, he listed her inability to successfully complete the tasks that her position required, even when he arranged classes for her in order to improve her Marketing skills. I do not think Frank had any particular bias, but since Lola was the first woman working in the department of Marketing he might have assumed that her work would be mediocre compared to the work done by a man. What in the case indicates a problem with this supervisor’s evaluation? Please connect examples from this case to what the chapter discusses. Firstly, the fact that it was not delivered by the deadline shows a lack of responsibility and respect by Frank. Moreover, Lola s annual evaluation was not presented by Frank because of his personal health so it was done by the Senior Sales Manager. Talking about an employees upcoming evaluation with the Human Resources Manager instead of with the employee herself to improve her performance shows a lack of leadership by Frank.

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The review as not done in a timely manner for Lola, which prevented her from taking the proper actions to talk to her manager and communicate to her distaste for the sexual harassment comments. 4. How did Lola, her supervisor, and human resources communicate with one another? Do you feel that a performance appraisal interview should have been more formally established and conducted? Why or why not? There is a paradox in the work relationship between Lola and her supervisor: the sexual harassment put aside, Frank is an outgoing, friendly person but at the beginning he had reserves concerning Lola’s abilities to fulfil her tasks.

We can imagine that his opinion was biasing his communication with her. Lola has a better relationship with Sue, he’s the one who believe in her and she can talk to. The performance appraisal should have definitely been conducted more formally; it is hard to believe that an organisation allows the vice president of sales with 2 months’ work overdue. In this case, discipline and a lack of communication caused this situation. 5. How can Lola’s accusation of sexual harassment affect her personal work performance and her performance evaluation? la s personal work performance was already affected greatly after the exual harassment comments started. She cites an incident when she entered a room and was asked to comment on a particular topic that she Was very uncomfortable with. She claims this affected her performance since she felt the work environment was not welcoming. If this does not change even after she has filed the claim, her work performance will probably keep declining. Her evaluations will be negatively affected as well since she will continue to feel like she is not being taken seriously and being in an environment not fit for growing professionally.