HRC Report essay

By utilizing the HER department a business can not only improve current business performance but also support the businesses future development and goals by strategic framework planning. Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and Selection supports an organizations strategy by ensuring that the best high- quality people are attracted and retained. For a company to excel and grow having the right people in the right place at the right time is fundamental. The first step in carrying out this activity is to assess whether there is a need for the vacancy and communicating with line managers to see exactly what the job role entails.

Assist screening, interviewing, conducting reference check and to the eventual placement of candidates, this being assisting with the communication Of employment offers and remuneration structures to new employees. Along with arranging and conduct employee inductions which include office access, benefit documentation and company information. Longer Term Succession & Development Planning The HER department know how to help line managers to understand how talent fits into the bigger picture and the benefits to them of longer term succession and development planning.

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Through review of various components from organizational culture, change management, resounding to training and development the HER department are able support the organizations long term overall strategy. Compensation and Benefits The HER Department deal with all aspects of Compensation and Benefits, this includes ; An organization want to be a employers of choice, which includes being known as a company that pays competitive wages and provides good benefits. Provide payroll information regarding merit increases to managers as requested ;Maintain employee benefits data in automated human sources information system. ;Ensure of updating annual salary review and any promotions throughout the year ;Provide employees with salary certificates, transfer letters as well as employment certificate whenever requested. ;Ensure that the monthly payroll is done on time and accurate. ;Keeping record Of attendance, and leave. Handles performance evaluation, which forms the basis for decisions like incentive payment, increments, promotions and transfers. ;Yearly analysis on salary benchmarking The culture and attitude of management is highly important in the successful livery of rewards such as flexible working hours, career growth, recognition, leadership and working environment -? all of which can have a big impact on employee engagement and retaining talent. A content workforce results in effective implementation of the organizations strategy.

Three ways HER professionals support line managers and their staff HER professionals support line managers and add value by developing strategies, Culture, Leadership development and also brand Reputation. A HER professional does this in a professional, fair, approachable way. Internal Communications Building effective relationships is an important responsibility for a HER professional. To maximize the efficiency and affect of the HER department HER professionals need the ability to be able to sit down with all aspects of people from the ground floor up.

HER professionals need to build relationships based on mutual respect and trust; this can be done by speaking in a language that both parties understand and treating everyone as a valued member of the team. An effective internal communication strategy will help to ensure both HER professionals and line managers to retain and develop talent. For Example when communicating with new talent it is important to keep within the organizations cultures and value, in an accurate, timely and professional manner.

Culture and Employee Engagement An all-round strong work climate is essential as it will have a direct impact attraction, retention, motivation and commitment. It is the responsibility of the HER department to ensure that the work place is attractive and appealing place of work. They can do this by ensuring that employees feel that they are supported and treated fairly. Employees need to know the HER professionals re approachable and equipped to give advice and provided guidelines when needed. HER plays an important role in assisting line managers of taking ownership of supporting the employees by setting out policies and procedures to follow.

Employee Engagement as described in the Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource management Practice ” Harder et al (2002: 269 stated that engagement was ‘the individuals involvement and satisfaction with as well an enthusiasm for work. A later definition was produced by Mackey et al (2009: 7) who defined engagement as ‘an individual’s purpose and soused energy, evident to others in the display of personal initiative, adaptability, effort and persistence directed towards organizational goals’. ” This theory is if Commitment, Organizational Citizenship and Motivation are combined together this will create a basis for Engaged Employees.

SEES research showed that engaged employees demonstrated the following behaviors Belief in the organization Desire to work to make things better Better understanding of the business Willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ Keeping up to date with developments in the field HER professionals play a key part in supporting the employees to be engaged. Non-Engaged or Actively Disengaged employees are essentially unhappy in the work placer not working to their full capacity and could have a negative impact on the engaged employees.

See Appendix 2 for Illustration Learning and Development Having a strong Learning and Development program is an investment to any organization. Ensuring employees have all the knowledge and tools to carry out their work in the best way possible way not only improves productivity but gives the employees motivation, a sense of worth, culture and has a positive reflection on the Brands reputation. As per Appendix 1, Kirkpatrick 4 veils of Training Evaluation, Kirkpatrick illustrates the process and benefit of Learning and Development and the importance of the different stages.