HKL essay

Nowadays, tram is the cheapest transportation in Hong Kong. Also, it operates 6 main routes running between Kennedy Town to Shah Eke Wan . You can use low price to travel from Kennedy Town to Shah Eke Wan. On our driver site, there is Dried Seafood Street. Do you know why call Dried Seafood Street. Because the shops in here are famous for the dried seafood so it is also called Dried Seafood Street. You can find much expensive dried seafood in here, such as dried abalone, dried scallops, shark’s fins and dried fish stomach. Dried seafood is common ingredient in Chinese cooking during

Chinese festival . Also; it is a good traditional tonic for girls. For the Chinese of cooking ways, we always use braising and stewing to cook the dried seafood. For example, the dried fish stomach always is used by soup. It has abundant collagen and keeps girls to be younger so it is much loved by Chinese ladies. The nearly street are renowned for Chinese tonic ingredients. Here you will see display of deer antlers, dried sea horses and genitalia of particular animals and ginseng root . It can keep you’re a better complexion, have more energy and a longevity.

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The merchants in this area not only have their retail business but also wholesale business with many parts Of China and South East Asian countries. The business of trading with markets in the North and those in the South is known collectively as Name Pack Hong in Chinese. Such activity has been active in part of town since the 1 ass’s. Name Pack Hong refers to the operation and trading of goods between the North and the South. The South mainly involves trading of the native products to Southeast Asia and the North mainly involves export of goods in China. Until now, Nan Pack Hong is a long history shop.