History of HIV essay

Several theories about the new’ disease and its causes surfaced as it became known in the U. S. Knowledge of HIVE and AIDS changed quickly and often assumptions were unfounded in only a couple of months. There was not much known about transmission at first and this caused a lot of concern throughout the country. It was first believed that there was no danger to non homosexuals. In December of 1981 when the disease began to affect a different group of people, injecting drug users, this belief began to change.

In August of 1982 the acronym AIDS, standing for AC aired immune deficiency syndrome, began appearing in newspapers and journals. It was properly defined by the CDC in September. It was believed the acronym was appropriate because AIDS is something that people acquire and do not inherit, it results in deficiency of the immune system and is a syndrome. In December of 1 982 a 20 month old infant died from AIDS after receiving several blood transfusions. This provided evidence that AIDS was caused by an infections virus. This brought about concern for the blood supply in the U.

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S. The first mother to child case as also reported in December. In January of 1985 the FDA licensed the first blood test for AIDS. This test would reveal the presence of antibodies to H T LB- Ill/ LAVA. Anyone with the antibodies could not donate blood. October 3rd 1985 Rock Hudson died of AIDS. He was the first major public figure to die of AIDS. In 1986 president Reagan recommended routine testing for AIDS. He said that although there was hope for drugs and vaccines there currently were none therefore efforts should be focused on prevention.

He also asked he surgeon general to prepare an AIDS report. In October “Understanding AIDs” was released to the public. This brochure discussed the behaviors that put you at risk for AIDS. In March of 1 987 the first anti HIVE drug ACT came about. The drug however had to be used with Other drugs in order to be successful in slowing down the damage caused to the immunes system. Today there are anti HIVE drugs or the AIDS cocktail as many call it. The HIVE drugs help to slow down the damage done to the immune system however there is no cure it only slows down the process.