Health Care Persuasive essay

Healthcare Reform America has long been considered the land of opportunity. It is famously known as a nation where people of different races, religions, and various levels of education and salary have the same chances and expectations as others, and are treated equally. The United States is also known for the assistance it lends to the unfortunate through things such as the general welfare program and government hospitals. There is, however, a defect that greatly affects millions of lives healthcare.

For many years, healthcare in America was mediocre in the minds of numerous people. The majority Of the American population simply could not afford the ever-increasing rates of health insurance. As of 2009, nearly fifty- one million Americans did not have health insurance, while another twenty five million were undesired. This is mainly because the amount people have to pay for health insurance increased thirty percent from 2001 to 2005. In the same period of time, income rates only increased three percent.

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The number of people who are undesired has grown sixty percent to twenty- five million over the past four years. For the relatively few individuals who could afford it, healthcare was merely adequate. So far, seven presidents have attempted to improve healthcare in America, but thee each been either sidetracked or could not get the bill passed through the first stage. In 2009, when Barack Obama became our forty-fourth president, he resolved to upturn the health-care in the United States.

He has en making an effort to enable health care to be affordable, sustainable, and expand quality health care to every American. The plan helps thirty-two million Americans afford healthcare who have previously not had it. Under the plan, ninety-five percent of the population will have health insurance. Believe this plan will be of great advantage to our country by making it a more peaceful and overall happier place to live, though there are many who are against it. Health care reform will eradicate any inequity there is against

Americans with past conditions. Additionally, it will reduce the shortage of money in our country by over one hundred billion dollars throughout the next ten years, putting our unstable economy on a more secure path. Personally, I consider that the state of our health care in the United States desperately needs improvement. Millions of Americans are suffering under their health insurance plans, and even more because of their lack of health insurance.