Happiness in Life essay

So what makes people happy? What is happiness? Everyone has their own definition of happiness and if I am asked the same question, I would say happiness is the feeling of joy, an extreme pleasure, satisfaction and an intense feeling which cannot be expressed in words. There are many things that make people happy; it can be a small gesture of smile from an unknown person passing by on the road or it can be a really big achievement that we were working on since long time or as said earlier it varies from person to person.

Personally I believe there are here main factors that make us lead happy lives: Love, health and career. It is love that makes a person happy. Love changes people the way they used to be, it brings joy, pleasure and always transform them to a better person without hard feelings. Love can be between parents and children, brother and sister, husband and wife, friends, neighbors, teacher and student etc.

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Bertrand Russell (1969) states in his essay entitled “What Have Lived For” that: Love brings ecstasy-ecstasy so great that he would often have sacrificed all the rest of life for a few hours of this joy and it relieves loneliness- that reverie loneliness in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss and love might seem too good for human life. (p. 64). One who loves oneself and makes others happy feels happier for being loved.

One with the selfish heart and who feel jealous about others possessions cannot really experience the tinge of happiness even though they are truly loved by someone. Love has the power to solve any problem and it can lessen many ills of the society. Love is not confined to a closed group, it should be spread. For example, some one around us always needs our help to get on with their lives, but many of us with a narrow mind and keep debating with ourselves why should help someone I don’t know; he is not my brother or friend.

Instead, if we can think broader and act with kindness and humanity, you get to experience the real meaning of happiness and in such way you can be an inspiration to someone to spread love and kindness. Health is an important thing that we must take care of, and happiness has a positive effect on health. Less stress equals more happiness. It is important to watch what we eat every day and keep ourselves healthier. A balanced diet and daily physical exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy life.

Healthy body leads to a peaceful mind, which makes us to feel good about ourselves and to lead a pleasant life. Poor health would significantly affect almost every aspect of your life at least temporarily: your basic daily activities, job, relationships, independence etc. And hence it does have effect on your happiness levels. On prolonged illness you might develop anger on yourself and feel irritated on simple things which may lead to errors mood disorders. Although we cannot control everything that happens in our body, but for sure we can improve ourselves by adapting to a healthy lifestyle.

Physical exercise brings happiness like walking, jogging or yoga or daily walks around the neighborhood. Eating unhealthy foods with high fat content always brings temporary happiness, but unknowingly they reduce the performance of one’s body which might lead them to act lazy and become sedentary. A healthy body builds confidence that boosts up the happiness levels. It’s not just money, but achieving goals, working hard to fulfill our aims brings immense happiness. Setting small goals every day and try to achieve them makes us happy by the end of the day.

Along our journey to reach our goals, we may experience many hurdles, we may feel dissatisfied at times, but the only thing that makes people to forget about bitterness is the joy and happiness that we feel when we get something what we struggled for. Peachy (2008) says that “progress in our goals leads to more positive emotions and more satisfaction with life. It increases our well-being. In turn, positive emotions contribute to our motivation to act”. Para. 7). People feel confident when they are in a position what they desire to be.

Many people assume that money can buy anything in this world. Well, it may be partially true because we cannot live without money in this modern world, but there are such things that we cannot buy and can only be experienced; feeling of happiness, love, joy etc. How older a person may be learning something new keeps our mind active and we feel enthusiastic towards life. For a person to be happier and lead a peaceful life believe that one should have lovable nature, should maintain good health and work hard to be successful in their career.