Hal and Lois essay

Integrity is a word that we hear quite often. Myself use it a lot as I speak on my life and my marriage. Having integrity is the key element in every situation. In my way of thinking, when just see the word integrity it comes off as a strong word within it self. My definition of integrity is commitment, wholeness, trust, strength, compassion, love, peace, togetherness, boldness, patience and most of all honesty.

To have integrity, you have to have all the above. As we all should know, in any relationship integrity is the foundation and the main recipe. Even when it comes down to your children, integrity is a main source. In this episode, by the family winning free tickets to the water park was almost the best thing that could happen to this family however, Dewey suffers from these “ear infections” and causes him (the small helpless baby of the family) not to go. In my opinion, think because Dewey is the youngest and he will need extra attention from everyone to make sure that he is safe at al times while at the park.

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They feel that is to much to handle so they manipulate him into thinking he can’t go because of his “ear infections”. That whole scenario was not truly an example of integrity however, the manipulation was done as a unit. When I think of integrity, I think of treating someone like how you would want to be treated. Dewey isn’t being treated fairly and he treats his family the way he’s being treated in return. At the water park, I’m 100% sure that there is a rule that says: no drinking. For Hal to sneak in a rigged bottle of alcohol showed boldness, loyalty, southerners and love, all forms of integrity.

As crazy as that may sound, it makes sense to me. Knowing how low class this family is, a vacation is hard to come by. After having four kids, low paying jobs and more bills than money here was a chance for Hal and Lois to enjoy themselves but hoping for no interruptions. Hal loves and cares for his wife dearly. He took the proper precautions to make sure that he and his wife could have a great time there together. In order for the married couple to be able to enjoy themselves and not have he worry of their children, what better way to do that?

Ignore them. Let them take care of themselves. As need as this ‘Vacation” was for Hal and Lois as a couple, they need this time together to show love and compassion to one another. They both made that decision to ignore their two sons so they can work on them. In a marriage there is also “emotional integrity. Emotional integrity is the emotional discipline, completeness and strength that develops in a marriage. In order to have all these aspects in a marriage you have to make time for spending time with each other. There is no other way.

I wouldn’t just ignore my kids, but Hal and Lois had good intentions on what they were trying to do. Meanwhile, Malcolm is trying to face his fear and finally slide down “The Liquidator”. As he approaches the ride, he is faced with the attendant that is over the ride. The attendant gives Malcolm the rules on how to stay safe on this ride. Granted, this attendant seems to have a nonchalant attitude but he’s just doing his job. Even in the work place you have to show that you are committed to your job, be truthful, trust worthy and loyal.

Even working at a water park, these all still apply because its a workplace. Though the attendant didn’t seem very thrilled, he still show integrity in showing up at his job despite how he feels about it. That shows a lot about a person. After dealing with all the chaos at the water park, Francis, the misbehaved older brother, has his own issues that he’s dealing with at military boarding school. Francis gets himself involved in a pool battle/challenge with his Commandant there at the school. Both of these gentlemen have a huge issue tit pride.

In their situation, pride coincide with their integrity. Francis wants to lose for the loyalty of his friends and Commandant Spangles desperately wants Francis to win. In the end of this episode, Dewey is actually having fun with his elderly babysitter. Guess he wasn’t expecting for that to happen. Dewey and that babysitter started to enjoy each others company and think they started to have to much fun. As the elderly woman is being taken away in the ambulance, no is realizes that there’s a small boy walking away freely.

In the house hold that Dewey is being raised in, he has a sense of knowing how to be strong and handle himself. I tend to think that maybe the neighbors as well as the paramedics was obliged to this behavior because of the history this family has. No one had the thought to check on Dewey to see if he’s okay after the incident. Those actions lack integrity in my opinion. There was no care or concern about this young boy’s well being. When you speak of integrity you have to show the required actions that follow the meaning.