Group Assignment essay

Gastronomy plays a crucial role in developing tourism industry all around the world. Famous tourism destinations focus much on promoting the destination’s image through building strong brands, in which a part of them are based on eating and drinking culture. In group of 5 students, please: 1. Analyze the potential Of Hansom’s Cuisine that makes it become a crucial tourism product for the region. . Evaluate current tourism activities and trend related to Gastronomy in Hanoi. 3. Discuss the role of street food as an important part in promoting Hansom’s Cuisine and contributing to diversify tourism products of the region. 4. Recommend how to develop Gastronomy tourism in Hanoi in passengers. Guidelines for assignment Group formation: self – arranged (5 students per group) Word limit from 2000 to 2500 Assignments must be submitted by the due date.

Overdue assignments will be given a penalty of 1 mark for each late day. NO exceptions will be entertained. The total number of words used in the assignment must be stated at the end. Any assignment that exceeds or falls short of the given word limit will be marked down ably mark for every 100 words. Assignment must be handed in with the cover sheet with all information required. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Students must follow referencing rules.

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In any assignment, if any direct or indirect quotation of ideas is not adequately referred, a penalty of 1 mark will be applied. There should be a cover page and pages for table of contents, abstract and bibliography. Students have to keep a hard copy of their assignment for future use. Format: Assignment cover page: pink AAA paper, with name of the topic and group member’s names and student ID.