Grapes Of Wrath essay

During The Great Depression many families struggled to find what they needed to survive, Baldwin and Steinbeck writings both showed that in order to get I issues fixed than they need to make it out there for the public to see. The public needs to see t hat they need to take action to make society a better place. In his theme of demutualization, Steins eek fulfills his role of an artist according to James Baldwin. Steinbeck describes demutualization t wrought the way the police treat the family, the mistreatment of the jobsharers, and the harsh reattempt singled out to the people who are trying to make a better living in California.

John Steinbeck portrays the theme of demutualization through the treatment of the men and women throughout the book that are looking for jobs. In the novel finding g a job wasn’t easy and when the travelers asked they would be treated as if they were animals. J non Steinbeck picks up the theme of demutualization in the seen where the men go into the store and talk to the employees and ask for the possibility of getting a job. The employee states “S o you’re looking’ for org. What way think everybody else is looking for? Diamonds?

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What you think wore my ass down to a nub looking’ for? ” (Steinbeck 312). The quote describes the employee sees treating the workers as if they were nothing but trash. The people looking for jobs are lo ked as scum compared to the people with jobs already. The employees do not look back to the fact that they were once in the same position but now they think they are Supremes. Steins eek used the theme of demutualization to show that the men and women of the ass’s and ass’s were e treated with august and not how they should have been treated.

Steinbeck shows that Am Eric is being taken over by the rich and people with jobs. Another example of demutualization is when the higher powers in the world take out there harshness on one individual, not many. The higher people tend to cause e issues with the lower citizens and make one Of them have a treacherous time going through t heir treatment. The stranger says “They anti rains’ hell with no two hundred men. They’re picking ‘ on one man. ” (Stein beck 456). The quote states that the higher people take out everything o just one poor person.

It shows the inhumanity shown throughout the time era and how one person is targeted for hate for being in the low class. Only the people who have jobs were treat d with respect and honor like they were actual human beings. The poor jobless people were treat Ted like trash. Anyone in society that did not have a job was walked on. The issue with the w ay society is targets the less fortunate whereas it should be dealt with so that the less fort unite have more support on getting through the rough times they have.

Steinbeck shows deed minimization through he unemployed people because he wants the world to see how people who aren’t as fortunate as others are treated throughout society. Society is taken over by the higher fig rest in America and Pick 3 with that being how America is, the families that are poor and can not find a j b are treated as if they do not exist. Astray the last main use of demutualization through the novel is when the polio CE man comes up to the family and tells them that he’s surprised that the family hash’ t been called “Skies” yet.

The deputy sheriffs push the people around and call them “Skies” In the chapter after the Goads arrive to California they are told they will be checked up on by police officers. One of the sheriffs says “What the hell! You never been called ‘Koki’ yet… Koki use’ TA mean you was from Oklahoma. Now it means you’re a dirty association. ” (Steinbeck 205 206). Society from the 1 sass asses was brutal to the poor people traveling to California. The e Goads are told that they should be called “Skies” which then mean vulgar language upon the m.

The people are treated like they are dirty scum and that they are no good nobodies. The Poe pale are treated with disrespect Steinbeck shows that the Goads and other families are euthanize d and treated like they are nothing in this world. Steinbeck uses this to show that the people the n were treated like trash and they deserve more respect. Steinbeck shows that he is an artist according to Baldwin through describing demutualization. Steinbeck points out how people who are higher in society h eve all the power. The role of an artist is to point out the flaws in society and try to change it.

Set infect fulfils that y showing that the Goads are being euthanized and he shows how he need s to change it. Steinbeck wrote his novel so he could show the societal issues happening are undo humankind. Steinbeck wants the world the see that they need to try to fix what is wrong w tit society so it is a better safer place for the citizens living through it. Steinbeck fulfils his role as an artist Pick 4 thoroughly throughout the whole novel proving he has what Baldwin says he needs to poetry to be an artist.