Globalization Argumentative Paper essay

Globalization is good for business through its ability to integrate multicultural people into a company and create jobs that can execute company tasks in the most cost-effective and productive method that is available. When referring to business and globalization, “good” can be defined as being able to produce a result that benefits a company and the business sector that the company is involved in. 1, Premise) Since globalization deals with the interactions and integration of people from different cultures and countries, companies are able to integrate these multicultural individuals into the company (“What Is Globalization”, 2015). (1 , Conclusion) This creates a low of information that allows countries to interact with one another to unify a global power (“Globalization Pros and Cons”, 2014). (2, Premise) Globalization ability to integrate multicultural individuals brings together different work styles that prove to be extremely effective for company tasks.

Companies have the ability to outsource jobs in their company to another country because it saves the company time and money, as well as boosting productivity (“Globalization Pros and Cons”, 2014). Globalization is able to generate needs for products and services, which in turn creates an easier accessibility for jobs to promising candidates “Globalization Pros and Cons”, 2014). (2, Conclusion) Through the use of globalization, companies are able to integrate productive individuals from different cultures and boost the productivity of a company through the ability to outsource jobs to promising candidates.

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Overall, companies that are involved with the growing globalization experience the benefits that come along with it. Companies are able to benefit from the introduction of new work ethics, as well as being able to reach across countries to outsource jobs to high potential candidates. Globalization is very beneficial to businesses and companies, and many will e the rewards that come with increased interaction among nations.