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My scholastic records and AC habiliments have been quite well. I have consistently ranked in the top 5% of the students of m y class during University education. I was studying in BAA program of Asian studies, Philology and Chinese language. The diversity of this program attracted me and up till now I have be en able to grasp wide knowledge in areas focused on Chinese history and culture, Asian relation NSA and business issue. I have successfully completed various scientific projects related to ancient t Chinese culture, history and philosophy. As working on my final thesis work with theme В«The concept of fate in ancient Chinese fortunetelling system Lauren ). The work contains description of Chinese ancient divination practices which in traditional Chinese culture is the most full realized the holistic approach to problems of the interaction man and environment. My research also is based on comparison of western and Chinese concepts of fate in terms of culture and traditions. Moreover my research which became the diploma project involves different things concerning helicopter, cultural and ethical traditions of China. Also it concerns to social tendencies in Chinese society.

So I feel motivated to broaden my humanitarian knowledge and carry out research in areas focused on Asian studies and cultures. Throughout my school and university education, I have been a keen participant in extracurricular activities. Getting elected as the class representative continuously for five years during school and college life helped me polish my organizational and internet arsenal skills. I have been working as journalist and editor’s assistant of our university newspaper. Also I have been volunteering in Press Development Institute, which was created in 1993 within the project “Recuperation’s Informational Press Centre”.

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I was as an assistant of the coordinator Of projects in the field of international relations development of social and cultural relations with other regions, organizations of seminars, forums, trainings and monitoring of massed. On the last year of my studies I was taking part in administrative work helping to realize some theater/film/photography festivals, workshops, educational projects dealing with contemporary arts organization of exhibitions – working as curator’s assistant, collecting information, communicating with artists, developing the audience).

The desire to delve deeper into my major persuaded me to try the job of translatorinterpreter of three languages: Russian, English and Chinese. Worked also as the assistant and consult of some business and trade issues about China and was responsible for translation and arranging Of collaboration between Russian and Chinese partners in automobile company “Centers”, Co. , Ltd, which is official representative in its region of the largest Russian automobile brand “Topaz”.

Later on was assigned the responsibility of International Educational consulting company based in Shanghai, which helps foreigners to have a chance to work in Chinese structures. During this assignment, I got a lot of useful skills and precious experience. The years of university education and working after in the field of my major have been an enriching service experience both academically and otherwise. Lid like to apply and follow Masters Degree in Asian studies of Lund University, to pursue a career in research and experience the excitement and attestation of being at the forefront of this vast expanding field.