Friend is like money, easier made than kept essay

Friendship is like money, easier made than kept’. (Effort is necessary to keep a friendship alive) In life, everyone needs various recreations to have a happy mood and friendship is one of them. People can easily make friends with others through conversation or interaction. However, to maintain a friendship is not an easy task, effort is necessary to keep a friendship alive. Therefore, I totally agree with Samuel Butler when he said “Friendship is like money, easier made than kept”. Firstly, it is not a difficult task to make friends. When we meet a stranger, the fastest way to make friend with them is talking.

Talking will help you decrease the embarrassment and also help you understand more about the stranger. Therefore, you will have time to consider whether this stranger has any similarity with you such as personality, hobbies… Etc or you just feel you like them and want to become friend with them. Infant, I assume that we all make new friends through conversation. I met my best friend at university and after just few minutes talking, I knew that she and me would become very closed. Secondly, to maintain a friendship is much more difficult than making friends. There are different reasons for that.

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Initially, manometer how similar you and your friend are, there are still a lot differences between you two because everyone is unique, therefore their characteristics are distinguished. These differences will lead to misunderstanding and sometime argument. The next reason is that people do not have enough time with their friends which make them become strangers day by day. Despite our profound understanding about each other, my best friend and I have different taste about movie. While I love horror movies, she is terrified of these ones. Consequently, we often argue every time we want to go to the cinema.

Lastly, if people wan to keep a friendship alive, it requires a lot of efforts and sometime scarify from both sides. Friends should think for each other instead of just thinking about themselves. For example, to solve the conflict between me and my bestrides, we just go together to the cinema to watch action, cartoon, or romance movies. I will go with other friends if want to watch horror movies. Inclusion, Samuel Butler’s saying is a very right one.