Final Paper essay

The organization will represent businesses like, McDonald’s through a new initiative they t will introduce a healthier menu to children also job opportunities. Disney will play the role of supporting local gyms, gardens, and youth after school programs through the eyes of Disney also providing scholarships for young adult pursuing college, internships that focus on art and design, and a surrey of job opportunities and workshops. We will collaborate with local colleges to prepare 12th graders that would like to attend college with college prep classes and mentor ships.

The organization does understand the need to address the more technically inclined students, so we would partner with local mechanic shops, Auto body shops, have and heating businesses etc for internships and possible employment. We will assist with housing matters such as Tenant/ Landlord conflict, Eviction Prevention, provide technical assistance to tenants and homeowners so as to become self-sufficient. Provide referrals for housing applications, which including homeownership applications provide education through workshops on housing issues.

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Our staff assists with socio economic and entitlements based on individual needs. We make all follow up contacts with different agencies regarding Public Assistance, Medicare, Employment referrals. SERIES, Heap, Social Security and Housing needs. Our mission is to set the standard of what an organization should represent o personal gain and full enrichment of our Children, youth and senior by empowering our senior and disabled that have so much life experience to offer.

We shall unite the community young and old to form a community that will be a model for other communities and organizations worldwide. This not for profit will enhance through data collection and surveys done daily, quarterly, and deal with mostly scientific methods that a proven to work. Mission statement; this organization mission is to create a sustainable safe community in which our children can have an example of a positive quality of life. Ethically this mission will be supported by genuine honest business, transparency that is very rare when it comes to not for profits.

The not for profit has a sacred commitment to their community. They have the responsibility on creating a credible dependent organization that has to be accountable to the people they serve. Http://ideas. Repel. Org/a/aria/ethics/ DOI_ 10. 1688-18620043_zebu_2009_01 _organdy. HTML Non-governmental organizations (Nags) have proven to be excellent instruments for promoting a wide range of causes. But they need to adhere to strict ethical principles that they usually embody in voluntary codes and standards. This paper analyzes one standard, the “Ethics.

MONGO management system” standard, published by Manor, a private Spanish organization committed to the development of standardization and certification. The analysis and comments are centered mainly on issues of accountability of Nags. The mission has to be clear precise and strongly implemented in the organization employees, volunteers. The board has to embody what the organization is all about. The chair should be a distinguished professional with a background in Law or finance attend local churches and charitable events be heavily involved in his or her community.

Co-Chairs equivalent. Friend’s neighbors people who genuinely have an embedded interest to see the neighborhood be successful. The organization has to win the community and make sure that we are united for the greater good. Our Organizations value statement is as follows; to provide an organization that provides support for its community, to convey a message Of unity and peace. A dedication too positive quality of life that Will extend to generations and generations to come. The communities’ best interest is to coincide in peace.

This responsibility of the community will be represented with integrity, onsets and hard work. The values that will inspire action and behavior, I would have to say everyone has a certain pride for the community and given the reap what you sew analogy there is a personal connection and the factor that this community has to be successful. The behavior will be to join as one community for the greater good of the community. The one thing that is needed is to understand the demographic and what moves them.

The way these values relate to the organization mission is that given all the workshops and commercial, residential, common resources will create a sustainable future for our kids. We will bridge gaps of youth and seniors bring generations together to be an example for the future leaders. The commercial aspect will entice the crowds through visual arts and this will propel the masses to UN seen heights for not for profits. We will set the bar at an all-time high given the support of our community.

This organization will stay true to the will of the community and will always keep in mind what is in the best interest of the community. Happy Village community services has been a dream of mine for many years , Will realize in the near future I am errantly in the works of preparing the 501 ca status but it has become a bit of a hassle given the restraints and the little time have to really work on it. This organization will exist and will succeed. Organizations today are increasingly accountable to mandated laws, regulations, and standards.

Adding to this complexity are the “voluntary’ commitments, values, and contractual obligations. Once a compliance and ethics issue is detected, management is often responsible-?by internal codes of conduct or external laws-?to respond quickly and appropriately to minimize the impact. Managers may be expansible for creating and/or implementing changes to the ethical conduct Of the organization. Measurement is one way that managers can attempt to track conduct and its impact.

Senior management and the board of directors can back the measurement approach with accountability and include both short-term and long-term objectives. CONCLUSION; A high-performing compliance and ethics program is best organized as an integrated capability assigned to business functions/units while managed and overseen by individuals with overall responsibility and accountability. Compliance can be a daunting challenge, but it is also an opportunity to establish and promote operational excellence throughout the entire organization and significantly improve the overall operational performance.

Broadly understood, compliance is an important mechanism that supports effective governance. Compliance with regulatory requirements and the organization’s own policies are a critical component of effective risk management. Monitoring and maintaining compliance is not just to keep the regulators happy, it is one of the most important ways for an organization to maintain its ethical health, support its long-term prosperity, and preserve and promote its values.

On a more practical level, a compliance and ethics program supports the organization’s business objectives, identifies the boundaries of legal and ethical behavior, and establishes a system to alert management when the organization is getting close to (or crossing) a boundary or approaching an obstacle that prevents the achievement of a business objective. Once an issue is detected, management must be prepared to respond quickly and appropriately to minimize the impact on the organization (and the community, as appropriate).

Management should continuously improve its compliance and ethics program. This will enable it to better prevent, detect, and respond to similar misfeasance and/or malfeasance in the future. Like any other core capability and/or process, the compliance and ethics program should strive to deliver tangible benefits and outcomes to the organization. Every organization is unique and has its own objectives. As such, several objectives of the compliance and ethics program will be unique as well.

That said, there are a few universal program outcomes/ objectives that a compliance and ethics capability should deliver. These include an enhanced culture of trust, accountability and integrity; prevention f noncompliance, preparation for when (not “if”) noncompliance occurs, protection (to the extent possible) from negative consequences, detection of noncompliance, response to noncompliance and improvement of the program to better prevent, protect, prepare, detect and respond to noncompliance.

An important aspect of a high-performing program, and one that cannot be overstated, is enhancing the culture. A strong culture that provides important benefits would including a “safety net’ for when formal controls are weak or absent, and an open environment of trust, accountability ND integrity – all of the ingredients that help drive overall workforce productivity. A well-designed compliance and ethics program is only half the picture.