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The author Of The Zoo Story and Bartlett the Scrivener might have diagnosis with the sense of isolation where in psychological term where one is character razed as a mental process involving unpleasant or threatening cognition and thoughts a ND feelings. The story focuses on 2 grown men with sense of isolation, loneliness, social disparity and demutualization. The main theme of Bartlett, the Scrivener isolation.

From Edward Label autobiography, Edward expresses isolation, Ion illness, social disparity and demutualization in the commercial world, Label is portray ins his traits by creating the character Jerry. Jerry faces same psychological behaviors for his role of the short story. Characters in both short story explores the same Socio Psychology Behaviors, without the proper diagnosis characters from both shoo art story rid of their presence. Melville, the author of the short story, Bartlett the Scrivener illustrates Bartlett a mysterious character to the audience.

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One phrase that Bartlett uses is “I w loud prefer not” that makes a audience confused and find it mysterious why the author w old use You that phrase rather than “I will not”. The author tells the reader to the smallest and efficient details why Bartlett is isolated from the world. In the passage “l placed his desk close up to a small side window in that part of the room, a window which originally had afforded a lateral view of certain grimy backyard and bricks, but which, owing to in subsequent erections, commanded at pres .NET, no view at all, thought it gave some light.

Within three feet of the panes was a wall, and the light came down far above, between two lofty buildings, as from very small opening in a doom. ” said the narrator (pap). The detail the author provided reader are able to imagine how entirely isolate d Bartlett from the readers sight. The narrator speaks how Bartlett is secluded from the e society. Throughout the short story Bartlett was neglected by his employees and me player.

The way they treated him is clearly unacceptable, firstly his work place had walls s operating the boss from his employees and to separate the employees from one another r, but wads more disgustingly is the employees used a green folding screen to hide because of his appearance. This gives Bartlett a sense of alienation from the act of his colleagues. The short story The zoo story speak of 2 men having a conversation where one guy Jerry asking many questions to Peter. Jerry then respond with a lot of reel event information about himself and random topic out Of the blue.

The things he SP sakes out shows his sense of isolation, loneliness, social disparity, and demutualization. Jerry describe his lifestyle in specific precise details. The traits of Jerry links to social psychology where it talks about how people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior are influenced by individuals or group with which one interacts with. According to simply psychology in 1950 “Psychologist brought the idea that when we hold beliefs, attitudes or cognitions which are different, then we experience dissonance, this is an inconsistency that causes discomfort. The discovery of cognitive dissonance describes Jerry, Hurry finds it hard to understand two contradictory beliefs so one choose sees at random to make it fit into their lives. Cognitive is the meaning of thinking and dissonance is where someone is clashing. Example of a cognitive dissonance I s someone is going to a bar but going told himself/herself that he/ she is only going to get together and hang out with some old friends a not get intoxicated, by the end of the night he/ she is completely drunk.

Usually people are inconsistent with their thoughts thought which affects the way of their thoughts or attitudes to agree with thee r action. According to Edward Label autobiography “He was expelled from two private schools before graduating from Cheat, a ND dropped of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut midway through his phoneme year. At 20, he broke with his family and moved to Greenwich Village. He never his father again, and would not see his mother for 1 7 years”. There’s a resemblance of event between the author Edward Label and Jerry, t hey both encounter loneliness.

Jerry has no companions, no wife, no kids, no pets. After reading the short story of The Zoo Story it comes to senses that Peter an Jerry are unable to find something to talk about to achieve any real communion action. Usually when failure to communication it’s usually caused by lack of abstract of similarities. Peter and Jerry are in a different socioeconomic backgrounds, the approach issues differently from how two same socioeconomic backgrounds would do. Peter and Jerry have different way viewing the world because of their differ .NET social and economics classes.

Jerry didn’t have a normal child hook where people AR mound him caused him to lack the ability to behave and accept in society. Because of Jeer Yes low social status level and lack of friends he has a negative view of his world, he s mess to isolated himself from all contact until he met the dog he wants to kills. His reel championship with the dog eventually becomes one important thing to him than any relation unships with You. 5 another. According to Erik H. Erosion’s eight stages of Development, Jerry see ms to lack of intimacy versus isolation. The challenge for young adults is to form and keep intimate relationship wit h others. Making close friends and especially falling in love involves balancing the e needs to bond with the need to have a separate identity’ Since Jerry lacks a stage of development he is incapable of connecting with an d telling Peter his story. At the end where Jerry wants Peter to fight for the bench became use peter has never had to fight for anything while Jerry had to fight for survival, he has no job, no wife, no children, and barely any furniture in his home compared to Peters life e, this shows Jerry demutualization. Pick it up, you have the knife and we’ll be moor e evenly matched, you fight for your selflessness; you fight for that goddamned bench” said Jerry (Label IPPP). In both short story both characters that’s is isolated ends up departed from the world. This displays how complex this world can be, in the end these two char cater reach a point where worlds have lost the potential for communication.

In Bart lube the author uses walls as a symbol in the story to portray the theme of isolation an alienation, while the short story The Zoo Story, the author shows the isolation by portray the lack of communication skills Jerry has obtained throughout his whole life and how he has a stronger relationship towards a dog rather than a person. Both taut ours are likely reflecting their thinking about themselves and trying to innermost feeling g’s on their short story in attempt to expel the sorrow of their minds.