Final Campus Tour Script essay

Our waiting area is equipped with an electronic queuing system to make transaction more convenient Adjacent to the Office of the Registrar, are the Alumni Office and the Telling Office. The staff in the Telling Office attends to any financial transaction of the students. On the other hand, the Alumni Office attends to tuition fee discounts of siblings and children of Alumni and to other general alumni concerns. On the ground floor you will also find the Career Center, a facility established to ensure higher probability of job placement for T. I. P. Graduates.

The Center as a Job Search Area and Career Advising Room on the ground floor and training rooms and conference rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The T. I. P. President, Dry. Elizabeth Squiring-Alcoa, holds office on the 2nd floor of this building. On the third and fourth floors of building 1, we can find one of the two libraries in the campus. The library is open from am to pm, Mondays to Fridays, am to pm on Saturdays. As an extension of building 1, we have seminar rooms A and B, where students’ and employees’ trainings, seminars, film showings, and other events are held.

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The Study Area serves as a waiting area of students between class breaks. It is a place where students can have their activities like group discussions. Students are also allowed to play board games in the area. The study area is equipped with WI-IF so that students with portable devices can access the internet. Adjacent to the study area is our Congregating Area. It is where we hold big gatherings of students and employees like freshmen day, college week, sports fest and the like. Big ceiling fans are installed in the area to ensure air circulations. This is Building 8.

We can find on the ground floor of Building 8 the different laboratories for Marine students such as Seamanship Laboratory and Machine shop Laboratories. On the second and third floors of the building is where we can find the second library in the campus. It is primarily used by students of Architecture and Engineering programs. This is Building 3. The office of the Chemistry Department, the Chemistry and Physics laboratories, Hydraulics laboratory, and Ice Plant can be found on the ground floor of this building. Computer laboratories and Open computer laboratories are located at the second floor.

Students without computers at omen may use the open computer laboratories for hands- on computing needs such as report writing, and printing of materials in limited pages. There is a dedicated office for the Information Technology Services in the same floor that offers assistance to the students. The third and fourth floors of the building are occupied by the Architecture Department, the graphic studio, and Drafting rooms. On the fifth floor, we can find the classroom of the Civic Welfare and Training Service (CATS) which is primarily offered to freshmen students. This is Building 2.

On the ground floor of this building are the Mechanical Engineering Department, Admissions and Marketing Office as well as the Student Accounting Office (SAA). The SAA assesses students’ tuition fees due for the semester, implements approved tuition fee discounts, issues examination permit, and duplicates lost examination permits. We can also find the Steam Power Plant on the ground floor of the building. The second floor is occupied by the College of Business Education and their Mock Simulation Laboratory. The third floor is for the Marine Engineering Department, where you can find also the Engine Simulator laboratory.

This is Building 2- Extension. This building is dedicated to the Office of the Civil Engineering Department. The soil mechanics, and testing of materials laboratories as well as classrooms for Civil Engineering students can be found in this building. This is Building 4. This building is called the Student Center. On the ground floor, we can find the offices of the Supreme Student Council and TIP Voice- the one which publishes the school paper. On the second floor is the Office Of Student Affairs (OSHA). The OSHA will assist you in case you encounter any problem with your co-students or teacher in the course of your studies.

You may also visit the office for any concerns related to ID, uniform, gate pass, permits, student activities, student organizations, and other student services. The Guidance and Counseling Center (ICC) is on the third floor. They have dedicated and competent guidance counselors who are always available anytime you feel you need to talk to someone. This is Building 5. The ground floor is where we can find the school canteen, bookstore and some Instructional Technology Rooms (Thirst). The Thirst are fully air- conditioned rooms equipped with multi-media facilities such as LCD erector, computer, document camera and internet access.

The school canteen offers full meals, student budget meals and snacks. It is open from 7:00 am- 6:00 pm, Mondays- Fridays; 8:00 am- 3:00 pm on Saturdays. Students can buy PEE uniforms, laboratory gowns, laboratory manuals and school supplies at the bookstore. On the second floor, we can find the speech laboratory with modern equipment to improve the student’s oral English communication skills. On the same floor we can find the College of Information Technology Education which includes the Computer Science Department, Information Technology Department and Information Systems Department.

There is another Open Computer laboratory on this floor where students who do not own a personal computer can do hands-on computing outside the classroom. The third floor is occupied by two departments; namely, Electrical Engineering Department and Electronics Engineering Department. Classrooms, laboratories such as Instrumentation and Process Control, Energy Conversion, Power Engineering, Acoustics, Thirst, and the facility of the English Room where students’ difficulties in oral and written English communications are addressed can also be found on the same floor.