Figurative Language Assignment essay

These are objects and ideas, romanticizes and personified to add flavor to the poem. Simile: “… Pile worth that shone like stars of gold in the sun,” Similes use the words like or as to make a comparison between two things. In the “Grassers Journals” of Dorothy Wordsmith, the highlighted relationship is between the pilewort flowers and golden stars. She says that the patch of yellow blossoms shines in the sunlight beside the road like the stars shine in the sky at night. They arouse wonder and joy in those who look upon them.

Metaphor: “l know the sound the wind made When through the boughs it was flying: Let no one tell me I’m lying, There is no song as well played. ” A metaphor is a comparison made without using the words like or as. In this example from the Cuban Poet Joss Marts “Simple Verses,” the comparison is between the sound of the wind and a song. He is saying that the wind in the trees reminds him of a beautiful song; the most beautiful. Nature is the pioneer musician, creating and inspiring ourselves.

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