Expository Writing Native American Creation Myths essay

The Native American creation myths, which will be examined throughout the remainder of this paper encompass, “The W RL on the Turtles Back,” by the Iroquois, and “The Ancient One,” by Breakwater. These two very well an own myths when analyzed present both immensely different and drastically similar views on the e world. This includes their opposing views on handed down social standards and the same belief in spiritual awareness. Generally speaking, when it came to Native American society, social stands reds were highly regarded.

The understanding of how to conduct oneself and how to pass that knowledge down was all provided within their creation myths. Nevertheless, when these myths were c marred to one another it became apparent that different cultures provided their own opinions on what was acceptable and unacceptable. For example, in the myth “The World on the Turtles Back” a tale of hatred and creation took place between two “twins”. In the story an altercation arose, ultimately in flouncing Iroquois society to focus strictly on the restoration of broken values.

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This is seen in the statement, “As the brothers contested in duels, day after day, an inhumane passion to destroy o nee another suffused their empowered minds. In the end leaving only one to return” (Iroquois Peg. 30). In co entrant, the myth known as “The Ancient One” discussed the importance of keeping social values to a mini mum significance, thereby allowing the people of their culture to focus on their life journey and not stress passing down traditional standards. The author, Breakwater, believes that “The ways taught to you by your Elders, and your Mothers and Fathers, and Teachers, and Books and Ancestor s are sacred.

But almost all of them no longer walk on the Face of the Earth Mother. You have forgotten your own Vision and your own path. Now each of you must pray, so you can follow the way of the heart” (Breakwater). The context within these two creation myths provide a clear distinction on their o pinion of the importance of social standards. In “The World on the Turtles Back” the Iroquois believed s tryingly in following solid social standards, while in “The Ancient One” a more content message WA s portrayed which encouraged people to not follow established social standards and keep to on self.

It is important to realize the differences between “The World on the Turtles Back’ and “The Ancient One”, yet Native American creation myths have never ceased to surprise their audiences with the interesting connections one can make between them. Though the myths may differ in details such as style, tone, and mood, when their context is deeply analyzed it allows one esp. civic similarity to show: spiritual awareness. Practically all Native American creation myths were base d on the discovery of higher truths and the true nature of reality (spirits within animals/ other living things).

For instance, in The World on the Turtles Back’ the Iroquois state that ‘ ‘The divine spirits of the e creatures of the sea came to the woman. They told her they would help her, and asked her what t hey could do. She told them to find some soil for the roots stuck between her fingers, and from the m life could grow’ (Iroquois). Likewise, in “The Ancient Eng’ Breakwater states “The Ancient One asked Animal, and Bird, and Insect, and Tree, and Flower, and Sky, and Moon, and Sun, and Stars , and all Of the other Spirits to awaken their senses towards the world” (Breakwater).

From these ex erupts one may conclude that both myths used the help of spirits and the personification of nonliving o objects to present their story, in the end delivering a unique message by drawing out one’s spiritual a wariness. The Native American creation myths analyzed in the information above pre sent opposing views on handed down social standards and the same belief in spiritual awareness. Thro cough reading these myths I have come to realize that the Native American people were interesting to as y the least, each culture gave their own interpretation of how the world came to be and how to contra ate to their own societies.

As always, individual opinions on customs and guidance took place in the end creating a truly beautiful and diverse source of information to investigate. I thoroughly enjoyed anally Eng the Native American creation myths “The World on the Turtles Back” and “The Ancient One”. Both myths had their fare share of differences and a surprising amount similarities, that of which made me realize that all Native American creations myths were not so different. In the end, as long as one WA s able to learn, the myths had done their job.