Evil Under The Sun essay

Considering she had past conflicts with nine other guests in the island, there was no question as to why someone would have murdered her but to who would have had the courage to do so? The most obvious suspects in committing such a crime are; a jealous wife, Christine Redefine and a neglected stepdaughter Linda Marshall. They have a motive to work together as they cannot accept the fact that Arlene was able to play with the men of their lives emotions and be such a cruel stepmother and the only way to stop that is murder.

Outrageously flirting in front of many eyes including Relearns stepdaughter and Patriot’s wife, there was no question why jealousy and hatred could be a powerful motive that could have ended Relearns life. Lured by the beauty that the glamorous Arlene had, it was no surprise that any men including Patrick Redefine would have the guts to cheat on their partners. Watching a woman take the man you love away from you or a cruel stepmother with another guy instead of your father is something Christine and Linda experienced.

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Ever since Kenneth Marshall married Arlene, Linda never agreed nor accepted her as a mother. She hated Arlene for she treated her as a child and never respected her for one minute. She felt neglected and even her fathers attention was taken away from her and watching Arlene flirt with another guy in front of her eyes was definitely unacceptable. Christine on the other hand who everyone felt sorry for was a victim of painful love. Who would want to see the betrayal Of the person they vowed their love for, to turn everything around In a glimpse of an eye?

Christine would not let their marriage fall apart even if it means getting rid of the person bothering them. Although many see Linda as a young innocent 1 year girl and Christine as a weak and helpless wife, they have many reasons to commit a crime that most will not accuse them of doing. During the day of the crime, both Christine and Linda were out in Gull Cove spending time together around 10:30 in the morning. While both used their time to get to know each other, they came to realize Arlene was alone on a short trip to Pixie Cove.

Expected, that Arlene would meet Patrick alone in the island, Christine may have thought of preventing another heartache; leading her to conclude the end of Relearns sin. Wisely mentioning it’s time for her Tennis Practice” at noon giving a cue to head to Arlene while trying to cover their plan, Linda swims to Pixie Cove while Christine crosses the bridge to get there. Along the bridge where Relearns eyes aught Christine heading towards her gave Linda the opportunity to sneak behind her as Christine distracted her from her surroundings given the means of committing the crime scene.

After Patrick and Emily discovered the dead body of Arlene who was declared dead at noon, alibis were collected including Land’s who falsely claimed that she admired stepmother to hide the guilt and spending time with Christine until 1 1:45. On the other hand, Christine declares she had a Tennis Practice at the time of crime. Confirmed that Arlene was strangled while sunbathing, there was no question that Christine and Linda could have done the crime for they were near Pixie Cove when the scene happened; not to mention Linda was caught swimming in the water by Miss Brewster.