Ethnocentrism In Your United States essay

Many assumptions such as this one has led to such conflict because when you think that a single race or person is going to act a certain way, you will act a certain way as well towards them. The other day online I saw that a few individuals put a project together in Texas. They had one African-American man and one Caucasian man carrying a gun out in the open, which is a right that every American has.

When a cop saw that the white male was carrying this gun, he approached him with no defense and asked him questions as to why he was carrying it around, a very peaceful conversation, and then let him on his way. When this same situation was tested with the black male, a police officer stopped him and drew out his weapon in self-defense and called for back up. This is a perfect example of owe ethnocentrism is portrayed as a negative social experience.

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In the United States, personal space is something that is stressed so strongly, and in European culture, personal space is something that is not taken in to effect and is invaded quite often. Can see ethnocentrism as being something positive because it can bring social solidarity in particular groups to make the connection and bond stronger. This is a positive thing in different countries because it displays nationalism and patriotism. I have personally seen ethnocentrism with being involved in the Christianity religion.

There area a lot of assumptions about the religion and what it stands for and what people believe. Growing up, my church had very strict views and out-castes the people that did not follow similar ones. The preconceived idea of Christians is that they are very opening and welcoming and not suppose to judge anything or anyone, based on what is said in the bible. But there have been many cases where that have not been the case and people have been judged and mistreated because of their views, sexual orientation and interpretation of what God wants from them.