Ethics Audit Questions essay

What is the process the board members use to make their decisions? This question is important because you do not want the board to make decisions based solely on their own opinions or their values. You want to know that they have sat down and actually thought about the process and how it will affect everyone. It is important that they have looked at the pros and the cons of the situation. 2. Is each staff member educated on different areas of the company? Like knowing about each department and entrust their own. Ink it is important for the staff to have or gain knowledge on every different areas in the organization so that everyone can help each other out. If one person is slacking or don’t know information, there is another people around that knows what to do. 3. Are the donors fully aware on how their money will be contributed and is their some type of proof to back it up? Each donor or foundation needs to have an outline on how and where their money will be spent and used. It should always be proof just in case an event cur where there needs to be proof to fall back on.

People don’t want to give their hard earned money and is not sure how it will be used. An organization can get money from anyone and state that they will use it to benefit the organization and end up using it for another purpose. 4. Are the customers/clients treated equally and fairly regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation? This question is important because you want to make sure all of the clients are treated equally and fairly because if not there could be a lawsuit or you an lose potential clients 5.

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Is there a chance for the volunteers to move to employee status? There is a time where some volunteers would love to move up and get paid for what they are volunteering for and a lot of people would like to know if it is possible. 6. Is the organization active in the community? This question is important because the organization need to be active in society and showing the community that they actually care about their jobs and the people regardless if they are poor, abused, or something else.