Essay WRTG essay

My essay came back with a really low score because I forgot to meet the minimum word count but the instructor said if it wasn’t because of the short word count, It would be a great essay. Felt pretty good about myself because I learned from the mistakes I made. The second week was just more intense, a lotto read, learn and of course, a lot of writing. I had to start learning how to do research in the COMIC Library to prepare for the research based assignment.

The instructor provided links to videos in how to do this and I learned a lot from them because I felt that i as in the classroom and that the guy in the video was my instructor because of how clear and helpful the videos were to me. Research and citing sources has always been my weak spot because of all the rules and formats that are available and how different they are. For me, Finding the right sources and citing the works the right way is hard. Thanks to WRIT 1 SIS, I could learn and have a better understanding of the PAP (American Psychological Association) style.

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I also learned from ‘The Bedford Guide for College Writers” that they re different styles for different purposes. Thesis statements were also mentioned in week two, that’s another thing that was really confusing to me, in high school never got to understand what it meant and how to write one. Now, I know that is basically a sentence of what to expect from the rest of the paper. I also know that having a clear thesis statement when writing a essay makes writing a paper easier because I can have a clear Idea of what to write.

During the third week, learned something very important, how to appeal to he audience am aiming my paper to. Basically I learned not to write a paper about jet engineering to people in a bakery and vice-versa. The Instructor discussed the three ways of appealing to the audience. They were called: logos, pathos and ethos. They are also discussed in “The Bedford Guide for College Writers” Page 4344. Between the fourth and the fifth week, I reviewed all of the posts and I learned even more about all the simple stuff like commas and punctuation that may seem simple, can be confusing and most of the times, they are not used correctly.

One of the biggest challenges for me in WRIT 101 S was writing the research paper, because it basically uses everything you learned in the class and since is focused on research and all the rules mentioned earlier. It was pretty challenging for me but I managed to use all the information that learned during the course and i feel that excelled myself thanks to the course and the instructor feedback. WRIT 1 SIS has been one of those college courses where feel that they really learned something for life and that I will be able to apply in my life.

Writing is meeting that will always be around as a form of communication. Thanks to this class I learned to write better for my educational goals that require me to have this newly acquired knowledge. Still need to improve a lot areas in my writing like transitions from one paragraph to the next one that only practice and studying will help me get right. I feel WRIT SASS helped me reach a personal goal of being better at English writing and it also helped me get closer to my educational goals as part of clearing one of my writing requirements in my degree.