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The main theme is substantially “growing up” because the problematic of the sys attempt to become good at something, is essential in his up growing. The boy is a first person narrator. The 9-year-old boy has no talent men he is quite stubborn about it. Although he is not good at playing music he still has some knowledge about various musicians. “… Called “In A Country Garden” or “A Bonny Lass” or “Peck Peck Peck’s. The boy is not a completely normal boy, because of the way he acts in the end when Mrs. Chin his piano teacher dies. L took one last look at the scene of the crime and squeezed carefully out f the room, taking care not to let the cat in” In the quotation it is clear that the boy thinks that he killed Mrs. Chin, which was not what hat happened. He thinks that his bad playing on the piano killed the old lady, which could never happen “in the real world”. Therefore, it is possible to think that the boy is a bit twisted but also smart. Smart, because he leaves “the scene of crime” carefully without anyone to turn suspicious on him. “At the front door I stood and waited for a passerby, Mr. Nottingham, out walking his dog in the summer evening. Led theatrically back into the house, “Goodnight Mrs. Chin! Same time next week! “. The boy is a bit twisted, in some way smart, but he is also an energetic and stubborn boy. The role of the piano in this short story becomes a great significance for the boy. The piano is a symbol of all the things he is not able to play or be good at. Is shows that maybe he is just not good at anything. “Piano keys were buttons, and if you pressed the right buttons in the right order, you might get a passable tune. ” Here, we see that the piano seems very simple, but in some way he is not able to play the piano right.

But maybe he is not good at anything because he thinks too much about being good at something. And that is not what a normal childhood should be all about. In general, the piano is a symbol of the childhood you should not strive to achieve. At the end of the short story the boy still tries to be good at something even though Mrs. Chin dies. “Six months later, I started violin lessons, but theses a whole other story… ” In this quotation we see how he just tries to find another instrument to be good at He has learned in his upbringing that he must be good at something.

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Therefore he continues to try and find something he can be good at. He imagines that he did not kill Mrs. Chin, but deep down he still thinks he killed her. Somehow the ending of the short story tells us that, if you are trying to be someone you are not the consequences are adverse. The fact that Mrs. Chin dies could be a message, that the boy should stop trying to become something or someone he is not. Mrs. Chin dies naturally of oldness, but in proportion to the short story, it could surely be the moral appearing.

As mentioned the main theme “growing up” comes to its appearing because f the boys attempt to become good at something in his up growing and his formation of identity. The boy is clever, stubborn but also a bit twisted, because of the way he thinks about the death Mrs. Chin. The piano he plays could definitely be a symbol of all the things he is not able to play or be good at. That you do not have to waste your childhood on lessons, when normal kids plays and laughs. The ending shows the boy and the readers a message, that the boy should stop trying to become something or someone he is not. The ending clarifies the moral of the story.