Error Analysis essay

Difference between errors and mistakes:- Errors:- Errors occur when there is lack of knowledge about the target language, or when learners are still in the process of sorting things out for themselves. Mistakes: Mistakes are caused by such things as ‘lack of concentration, forgetfulness, slips of the tongue and sheer carelessness. A useful test for a mistake, as opposed to an error, is that the learner can usually correct it for himself when asked to do so. Types of errors:- There are basically three types of error. Grammatical errors:-

Error in the use Of verb(incorrect tense choice or tense form) or article(a, an, the). Mechanical errors: These are the errors of orthography(of spelling, punctuation and capitalization). Lexical errors:- Lexical error is making the wrong choice about word). Further classification of err O r S. Error of omission Error of addition Error of substitution Error of ministering Five stages of error analysis: Recognition: Teacher first job is to spot the error. He/she has to decide what is and what is not an error. Interpretation:- This stage is central to the whole process.

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It is where the teacher has to decide what the writer probably meant. Reconstruction:- At this stage the teacher has to reconstruct the sentence correctly. Classical Zion Here the teacher pinpoints the type of error (whether it is an error of omission, addition, substitution or ministering). Explanation: Here the teacher has to explain the causes of error. Most probably, there are four main causes -?L 1 interference, over-generalization, faulty material and faulty teaching or learning) Qualities of communicative writing Has a purpose

Is logical (has proper beginning development and ending) Is coherent(unity of sense or meaning) Is cohesive( unity of grammar) proper style(formal/informal) Grading Rubric:- Measuring instruct meet Content + language_(grammar + mechanics) marks_ (3 2) Writing Activity:- minutes (Marks: 10) I-You are required to write a short paragraph on “Life” . Written task exchange your sheet with other member. marks 2- After 3- Now mark the errors in paragraph according to the five stages of error analysis and give marks to the writer..