Erik Peterson C D essay

Problem Statement Lack of preparation and plan on senior management visit The total visit was not organized and arranged. Peterson didn’t plan ahead but just expect it would go as he thought. He has not prepared both himself and for his staff to answer the question which may be asked. During the visit, the situation was totally out of his control. He didn’t provide information on the problems and solutions to the managements during their visits. Lack of communication with Jenkins and WHQL on things happened in Biometry Before

Jenkins visit, Peterson communicated little with Jenkins and WHQL on the mess at Biometry. He didn’t inform the WHQL of problems to be solved. During Jenkins visit, he didn’t demonstrate his leadership on those problems which caused Jenkins blame for “unenthusiastic about the product launch”. Fail to maintain good relationship with Green Peterson blamed Green for being critical to him even on his best work. Because of his formal uncomfortable experience with Green, he felt hard to get along with Green.

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He acted passively towards Green’s decisions and always criticized on them. He didn’t see the problems from Green’s perspective. He failed to adapt himself to Green’s working needs. Recommendations Communicate directly with Jenkins and WHQL Peterson should keep Jenkins on post of the things happened and tell him his plan to solve the KOLA and manufacture problems. He should immediately confirm reporting relationship with WHQL before their visits. By confirming with WHQL Also he should explain to WHQL about the implications of equipment changes and win Jenkins support on this.

Schedule and prepare for the visit Peterson should prepare the agendas for each day of visit and communicate with WHQL first. On the other hand, he should set up meeting with his team to confirm the plans and targets. He should designated different tasks and set up rules for top management’s visit. Stand a positive role in supporting Green Peterson should convey his apology for his behavior during the orientation . He should adapt his working style to Green’s needs. He should learn from Green to solve problems more decisively and creatively.

On the other side, he should stand a positive way in supporting Green’s decisions. Try to manage Green and see things from his perspective Peterson should try to manage his superior. He should know Green’s strength (creative and resourceful) and weakness (lack of team building in execution). After this he can allocate more time on helping Green in building a more effective in execution. Also he should let others to solve those dirty operational issues.