Equality And Diversity essay

The three major types of discriminatory practice I will be focusing on discussing and assessing in this report are the following: 1 Infringement of rights means breaching and disrespecting someone’s human rights or selecting one person’s legal entitlement. An individual whose rights have been taken away may feel devalued, depressed and very sad which then may lead to affecting their health at some point. 2. Bullying means intimidating, targeting and overpowering an individual by the use of threat, physical force, name calling and a lot more.

Bullying more often than not, takes place repetitively which then makes and leaves a huge impact on an individual’s entirety. 3. Abuse means causing harm and/or injuries to an individual through a variety of unnecessary behaviors and acts. A few types of abuse re the following: (1) Verbal Abuse (2) Psychological Abuse (3) Physical Abuse (4) Sexual Abuse (5) Neglect/Fail proper care (6) Hate Crimes. Findings: updated on 5th October 2013 (BBC NEWS: Nurse ‘abused’ elderly residents at Burley care home) Lancashire care home. Infringement of rights] A nurse named Oblique’s Aztar abused elderly residents in a Lancashire care home through breaching their rights. Ms Aztar is facing twelve charges of misconduct in 2010. She did a variety of unacceptable behavior whilst she was taking care of the elderly residents. One of the things she has done fore was tying to force medication into a male patient’s mouth which already clearly shows that she is taking away the right of the elderly from having choices and preferences in terms of medication. The incident also proves that Ms Aztar is not giving the elderly the right to be respected.

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This is only one of the misbehaver she has acted upon and there are a ton more. These two rights that have been taken away from the elderly man could have affected him in a lot of ways. The elderly resident/patient could have felt physical pain whilst the nurse was using physical force on him urine the unpleasant incident. The patient could have chocked as well and felt really horrible at that exact moment. Forcing the elderly could have aggravated his current condition too -whether it is concerning fragile and brittle bones and/or other conditions.

Being disrespected by the nurse (Ms Aztar) could have made him feel really helpless, more vulnerable and sad. It could have also influenced and lower his self-esteem -?thinking he is old now and he does not get respected and treated right due to his incapability of taking care of himself and depending on nurses/careers. Since the elderly tenant could have been feeling really down because of the handling he gets from Ms Aztar, he might think of escaping but since he could not, he might even think about dying or committing suicide.

In an elderly care home, it is highly promoted to be the second home for elderly residents and the care home should be just like one big family -united, exchanging warmth and friendliness to each Other. However, the elderly could have felt like he was marginal’s in that so-called second ‘family. He could have felt like he was marginal’s because he was treated really badly and he did not feel like he as a part of the family due to how MS Aztar treated him and made him feel.

He could have also isolated himself and not socialism with other residents and nurses because he was scared of how they might treat him -like how Ms Aztar treats or has treated him. In addition, viewing the fact that the elderly is dependent on the nurse, Ms Aztar is the nurse that controls mostly a lot of things when it comes to taking care of him and Ms Aztar is also the one who does not treat him with just, he could have felt a very strong disembowelment which could have led to serious depression and again, could have also worsen his current condition.

Findings: Updated on 23rd August 201 3 (BBC NEWS: Whips Cross Hospital workers jailed for patient abuse) East London hospital. [Bullying] There were three healthcare assistants who abused 1 1 female elderly patients at Whips Cross University Hospital. One of the three abusers was 38 year old woman named Osaka Skyway. The three of them would bully and overpower the elderly patients by the use of physical force and verbal abuse.

They would frequently tell the patients to shut up with a really bad attitude, and they also deal with the elderly in a violent, forceful and aggressive behavior. The three would do hose things constantly and the result will be elderly getting frightened of them and being controlled by them. One incident that Skyway did to bully one patient was put a bed sheet over a patient’s head named Joan Messmate who was 87 years old at the time, and also told her she was dead -which clearly states that she was scaring the patient and ignoring the fact that she is an elderly with a certain condition.

Another incident that Skyway did was slapping a patient named Louise Hodges just after cleaning her and afterwards grabbed Lily Oliver’s swollen arthritic knee prior to handing it to another career -which then caused her to ‘scream with pain’. These acts could have affected the elderly patient’s physical condition. They could have developed more aches and pains -even more the patient who has an arthritic knee. When Skyway held a bed sheet over the patient’s head, the patient could have had a very hard time on breathing and also, could have possibly died by putting the patient’s life at risk and danger.

Using physical force in patients that gets bullied could lead to serious injuries and bone fractures -as elderly tend to be more vulnerable and fragile. Getting bullied by the health are assistants, and having no one to get to listen to them could have made them feel really desperate for help, neglected, and exasperated -even suicidal. They could have thought and felt like there is lack of support from family and/or anybody in general to help them be freed from getting continuously bullied by the people who are supposedly their ‘careers. Some of the patients could have thought about leaving, but could not because their family would not believe them due to their condition which could have made them feel really lonesome, friendless and worthless. They could have also had he thought of just dying because their life just does not make sense anymore due to the way they get treated by the healthcare assistants. The elderly patients in the Whips Cross university Hospital could mostly likely have felt like they were disemboweled by the three bullies which could have worsen their condition -be it mental or physical health condition.

Findings: Updated on 23rd April 2012 (BBC ONE panorama – undercover: Elderly care, Monday) Gaston Court care home. [Abuse] An elderly woman named Maria World, 81 years old who also happens to be suffering from Alchemist’s disease and arthritis was physically assaulted by a male career and four other careers in an ‘excellent’ care home in Gaston Court London. In the video clips shown in BBC panorama, Maria World was evidently being mistreated and abused. The workers fed Maria “too quickly, manually rolling her over, and hauling her roughly into bed -an action that should have been performed using a hoist. Maria World was even slapped and punched in one of the video clips without any reason. These sadistic actions and happenings just clearly show that she was physically abused. In addition, the main career who constantly abused her as a male which can also count as a sexual assault because the male should not even be there due to certain manual handling of a female patient. These situations and actions could have left a huge impact on the elderly resident, Maria World.

Since she is suffering from Alchemist’s disease, she could have been very confused on why she is being treated the way they are treating her. The careers do not even open the television or even encourage or ask her to watch something, they just open it when they are in the room with her. She has nothing to watch but the ceiling whilst suffering from Alchemist’s ease. It could have been very confusing, lonely and very sad. There was no brain stimulant provided at all. The careers in actual fact abused her by neglecting and failing to provide her the proper care she ought to receive.

The careers also let her stay in bed for hours and not check on her or change her position, and this could have given her bed sore and bad stiffness. She was also given a very little amount of water which could have caused dehydration in her body. Since she was punched and slapped, she could have had severe bruises and pains which she just suffers on her own. Also, given that she was arced and speed-fed, the physical force used on her could have aggravated the pain of her joints and bones in her arthritis condition.

In all of the damage and wrongdoings that has been done to her, she could have felt strong loneliness and also, could have developed fear on other people. Since she was constantly being abused by her careers, she might be withdrawn to others and frightened of what people will do to her. She might feel like no one is there to help her and support her. She could have felt really weak and powerless -?not knowing exactly what is going on due to her Alchemies s indention, lack of nutrition, dehydration and a lot more.