Epic Hero essay

One may be that they do something that represents them as a hero. Another could be that they serve as a role model for millions of people. However way they appear to the public they are a hero. One hero in particular is Opera Gail Winfred, also known as Opera Winfred and “one of the most powerful and wealthy people in show business,” (bio. ).

She exemplifies the characteristics of an epic hero because of meeting and overcoming demons and monsters, being ruthless to err enemies, and her abilities to excel in skill, strength, and courage. Every epic hero must overcome the toughest obstacles to reach they’re goals. Opera Winfred was born January 29, 1954 and raised in Cuckoos, Mississippi. She grew up in a small farming community. As a young girl, she was “sexually abused by a number of male relatives and friends of her mother,” (bio. . She moved to Nashville to live with her father to escape the pain. Although this is not a positive characteristic she grew from that experience. Most individuals that are sexually abused or harassed have a very official time healing themselves from the pain they had to endure. After these events, Opera was able to move on with her life with the help of a few TV stations and broadcasters. Most people in the business world are rejected by many sponsors and jobs.

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Others that do receive the opportunity are often criticized or disrespected by their viewers. Opera worked very hard so that she wouldn’t lose all that she had worked for. In bio. True Story, it says, “she earned the respect of her viewers,” (bio. ). She said that she wouldn’t include anything from the tabloids in her interviews; which eventually led to the fall in her ratings. She still earned respect and continued moving on. From this, she was awarded with a lot of popularity. She was able to escalate in her career.

Opera Winfred is known for her talk show, The Opera Winfred Show. It is one of the longest-running daytime television talk show In history. The dedication to this show was tremendous for Opera Winfred. She truly care about the public and wanted to find out the truth behind every headline. She was named “one of the most powerful and wealthy people in show business,” (bio. ). Without her skills, strength and courage she would have not been acknowledged by so many people. She is a role model to all.

In conclusion, Opera Gail Winfred is an astounding women who is ruthless to her enemies, encounters with and overcomes demons and monsters (social media), and excels in strength, skill and courage. If a person were to picture and describe a hero, a few of its qualities would be that they have inhuman-like abilities and could shoot webs out of their wrists. An epic hero needs not any of these qualities to be a hero. Opera Winfred does it all herself, no super powers or super-human abilities. She serves as a hero to all people.