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Read the text “Radio” pay attention to the vocabulary used in the text. The wireless receiving set or radio, as it called for short, is one of the greatest achievements of human genius. Priority in the invention of radio belongs to the Russian scientist Pop. The seventh of May is annually celebrated in the Soviet Union as Radio Day because on that day in 1 895 Pop demonstrated the first radio receiving set in the world.

The invention of the radio value made possible the transmission of high quality speech, music radio has spread so that today the whole closely linked by vast and complicated outwork of radio communication that has developed into a practically indispensable amenity of every day life. According to the encyclopedia, broadcasting is the technique Of use Of electro-magnetic waves for wireless transmitting of sound. These waves are produced at the broadcasting station and via our aerial reach our receiving set. Radio in our county is not only vast means of communication but also effective means of education the people.

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Our broadcasting programs include news broadcast, political broadcast, educational broadcast, serials, advertising and many other broadcasts. Their el helps to raise the cultural level of the radio listeners. It is wonderful to think that a man speaking into a microphone in Moscow or London or Paris can be heard halfway around the world. But unfortunately the people are selfish with their radios. In some houses or stories the radio is heard screaming and howling all day long. Let us listen into our radio but let us not to make any more noise than is necessary.

The wide speaking of portable radios, transistors, brought to life new rules of behavior. It is not considerate to be good to switch them on in a train or a bus and like or in general are red of noise. Do you agree with all this, dear students? “Television” In our time the world television is an extension of the now familiar everyday radio. Sight has been added to sound over the air. Television is combinations of the Greek word tell meaning distance and the Latin video meaning to see. Television is really on important innovation as it is accessible to people in their homes.

To go to the cinemas necessitates a journey of some kind, possible a queue and payment of seats. To view a television needs turning of knob after your have bought your set and rigged up the antenna. Present day elevation has many automatic control features and use of improved pictures tubes. The modern TV became a medium of giving publicity to various events happenings, prominent people, scientific discoveries theatres, fine art, tact. It creates effects of presence even for those televises who are thousands of miles away from the events.

Watching TV programs is undoubtedly the most powerful and quickest means of getting the news and information. The color television has been in operation for several years already in the ASSAI, Japan and some other countries. There are television sets with remote control and interference free reception. In the year to come and they may not to be far away, we’ll have not only large television scenes projected on our living-room walls, but that screen will also produce life-like scenes and the illusion of the three dimensions.

If you are regular TV fan you should take some precautions that will save you from eyestrain. The best position is to have the centre of the screen at your levelly. It can be arranged this way better set it slightly down than up. Sit as near the front as possible to avoid getting a distorted picture. Sitting the correct distance away from the set will also help your eyes. The distance should be eight tomes the screen width. Don’t view in total darkness to avoid headaches caused by glaze. The windows and light shouldn’t reflect on the screen.

Constitution Of the Republic Of Uzbekistan The new Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted on December 8, 1992. Article 1 of the Constitution says that Uzbekistan is a sovereign democratic republic. The C. Sets the task of creating a human and democratic rule of law. All citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan regardless of their nationality Constitute the people of Uzbekistan. All citizens living in the public, men and women of all nations and nationalities have equal rights in the political, economical and cultural fields.

The right to work together with the right to choose there of profession is guaranteed to all citizen by article 37. All citizens have the right to rest. The right is guaranteed in practice by the system Of sanatoriums boarding houses, holiday homes and clubs where people may spend their free time there. Article 39 guaranties pensions for people who are ill, unable to work. A very important right is the right to education, which guaranteed to all citizens by article 41, of the constitution of he republic of Uzbekistan.

The state shall guarantee free secondary education. Students of technical schools, institutes and universities receive school scholarships. While guarantying these rights to all citizens, the constitution at the same time imposes serious duties on them, such as the duty to work, to keep Labor discipline, to defend their country. Independence of Uzbekistan The proclamation of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan on September 1, 1991 will make a landmark in the history of the Republic.

On August 31, 1 991 the Supreme Soviet of the Republic Of Uzbekistan adopted he Resolution “About Proclamation of state Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan” On the 2nd of March in 1992 the United Nations Organization adopted a resolution on the admission of the Republic of Uzbekistan to its membership. Uzbekistan became a full member of the United Nations and was recognized by over 1 60 states of the world. The Republic of Uzbekistan has favorable natural and geographical conditions. It is situated in the Central part of Central Asia between the Mayday and Scary Rivers.

The territory of the republic stretches for 1425 km from North to South. In the Roth-east it borders on Astrakhan, in the east and south on Christiana and Atkinson, in the west on Transmitted and in the south on Afghanistan. Uzbekistan has great economic potential from its own resources. In the world production of quality gold, Zebu gold, has won ;o international prizes in the last two years. Besides gold, other metals like cooper, led zinc, tungsten, lithium are also produced in Uzbekistan. Even gas, coal, oil are readily available.

Uzbekistan has about 1000 joint venture with Germans, Koreans, Japanese and many more Turkish, Italian and French companies. The past 14 years, which opened a new chapter in Uzbekistan history, were by no means easy. Agriculture of Uzbekistan Development of agriculture is one of the priority directions of the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This sector provides population with necessary food and various branches of industry with raw materials. Today Uzbekistan is a land of cotton and rice fields, vines and a land of highly developed scientific forming.

Uzbekistan is often given the name of Republic for “White gold” and it is done so because the formers of Uzbekistan take in high harvest of cotton. Cotton has been known in Asia for ages. The cotton-growing, combined with growing of grapes, vegetables, melons and cattle-breeding, is the leading branch of the agricultural production. Great importance has always been attached to this warmth-loving plant. Zebu cotton-grocers have made great progress in their work. Uzbekistan holds a leading place in the world in average cotton fields. Uzbekistan produces more than a third of the countries.

Karakul pelts and more than half of the row silk. The fruits from the Uzbekistan are famous through out the world. The farmers in Uzbekistan row apples, peaches, sweet and sour cherries and peas. The other technical crops cultivated in the Republic are Keenan and jute which are cultivated mainly in the Taken Province. The urge District, Samaritan Province is famous for its tobacco, production of which is very profitable. The cultivation of rice, mainly in Crankiness’s and in the Shorter Province, has an importance on a local level. A traditional trend in the sheep-breeding is the astrakhan sheep-breeding.

This branch is mainly concentrated in the Babushka, Stockyard, Chardonnays, Samaritan and Aziza Provinces and in Kleptomania. An economic importance has another traditional branch of agriculture of Uzbekistan, that of the silkworm growing of cotton, vegetables, melons and fruits for the purpose of a better utilization of water, land labor and material resources and of traditional skills of population. Silk-cocoons are the raw material for natural silk production. Thanks to the efforts of Zebu plants bristles subtropical plants are also grown in the republic. MINERAL RESOURCES AND WATER RESOURCES.

Uzbekistan is rich in cool, oil, cooper led, zinc and other minerals. Reserves of natural gas are immense. The natural water recourses are distributed very unevenly. By the time the rivers reach the plain. They become shallow for much water is used for irrigation and much water is lost through infiltration. Only the AMA-Daryl and Sir-Daryl carry enough water to cross the deserts. HOLIDAYS IN UZBEKISTAN The anniversary of the Independence of Uzbekistan which we celebrate on the first of September is a holiday. But there are other dates which are holidays in Uzbekistan. N the 8th of December we celebrate constitution day. Besides there are 2 Moslem holidays: “Ramadan Kith’ and “Curran Kith”. The dates of these holidays change each year. We have New Year’s Day on January 1 . Before New Years Day we send New Year wishes to our friends or we ring them up in the evening on December 31, we are usually at home with our family or with some friends. At 12 o’clock we say to each other, “Happy New Year! ” and we answer: “Thanks, the same to you. ” We give presents to all the family for the New Year, and we have a New Year tree with lights and decorations.

March 8 is Woman’s Day. On that day we give presents to our mothers and sisters. The best present for woman is flowers, and on Woman’s Day we see many men who are buying flowers to give to their mothers and wives. March 21 is a holiday of Navaho. On the 21st of March in cities, towns and villages people of Uzbekistan celebrate Navaho the eastern New Year, a holiday the awakening of nature, promoting friendship and fraternity, cultural and historical traditions and serving the noble goals of goodwill and mercy. On the 21st of March the day is equal to night every. Here on this huge planet. Woman cook a wide variety of delicious foods such as via, shakily, Marin and manta, UK same. But the king of all these holiday dishes is Kamala, a histological stew Of germinated wheat and Halls. SPORT IN UZBEKISTAN There is no country in the world where physical culture and sports have become as popular as they have in our country. Here physical training and sports are a matter of national importance: for sport serves a great purpose, it helps to bring up a strong & healthy generation, darling & courageous young men & women.

Our republic pays a great attention to physical culture & sports in our country. Hundreds of stadiums, basketball courts, swimming pools & other facilities have been built all over the country for millions of people to go in for sports. Physical training, sports & games are an important part in the education of our youth. The sports programmer for youth including boxing, wrestling, swimming, running, cycling, shooting-range & games like football, basketball, tennis, badminton & etc… Numerous sports clubs & societies have fostered dozens of sportsmen that have achieved world fame in our country.

Sportsmen set up many new world records in various sports. Pare INDUSTRY OF UZBEKISTAN The republic has a diversified multi-branch industry with professional national working personnel. At present there are one thousand of enterprises operating in the territory of Uzbekistan. The structure of the industry of Uzbekistan undergoes the process of improvement, taking the form of interrelated complex. At accelerated rates were developing the machine building, power industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemistry, metal-working, I. C. The branches responsible for scientific-and-technological advance.

The traditional branches for the Republic – light and food industries – are also well-developed. Among the large units built lately in these branches are the Babushka Cotton Mills and Shiva Carpet Factory, Shiva Silk Factory, Aziza Factory of Knitted Goods, Urgency Food-oil Factory’, Kabuki Factory of Soft Drinks, etc. A power industry is the major factor and basis of the up-to-date production. The biggest part of electric energy is produced in the Republic on the number of large steam power plants, such as Scary, Taken, Naive, and Anger. The fuel industry has a significant place in the economy.

This branch of industry is mainly represented by production of a natural gas and by quarrying a brown coal. The role of the oil in the fuel balance of the Republic is still insignificant. The non-ferrous metallurgy is one of the leading ranches of industry of Uzbekistan. It is concentrated mainly in the Anger- Lamely mining-and-industrial region. It makes copper, zinc, refractory and high-temperature metals, and gold. The largest enterprise of this branch is the Lamely Mining and Metallurgical Works. The main company involved in gold mining is the Unrated Mining and Concentrating. Works which processes gold of the Skillful Desert.

Some other enterprises operate as a part of the “Uzbekistan” Association. Light and textile industries are taking an important place in the formation and development of the industrial complex of Uzbekistan. The cotton cleaning industry has the greatest significance for the light industry. The role of the food industry basing mainly on procession of the local agricultural raw materials is also of great importance. From long age Uzbekistan is famous for its wine-making. Along with the above-mentioned branches of industry there has also developed a local industry manufacturing cultural and household goods.

Now, in period of transition to the market relations and wide development of the business, a role of the local industry has increased in its importance. II. PARE VOCABULARY NOTES Diversified Undergoes -nonappearance, Bicarbonate Interrelated – unpalatable Accelerated -”yuckiest Fuel -Ottoman Significant – Bash’7 Quarry – Seamanship, Kappa refractory – involved – Beneath significance -shake’,e procession – influence,l; household – Carrolton, GYMS Answer the following questions What can you say about the industry of Uzbekistan?

What kinds of products are produced in our country? What do you know about fuel industry? What is the role of oil industry in the world? What can you say about textile industry? What kind of industries do we have also? In what country produces gold? How many enterprises operations in the territory of Elizabethans? I. PARE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT The results of the economic activities carried out by the state are implemented in the social sphere. The development of social infrastructure is a major indicator of economic development of any region.

The level of development of the social sphere greatly determines the political and psychological atmosphere in the country as well as people’s moral. The social sphere includes education, health services, social security, culture and arts, housing and municipal facilities, and everyday services to population, trade, public catering, physical culture and sports. The basic component is the housing construction. The housing resources are the central component applied for the planning of development and placement of other parts and elements of the social infrastructure.

In the villages in Uzbekistan have fewer apartments with modern facilities, such as water supply, conciliation, natural gas, bath-rooms, toilets and central heating. The medical services to population are also important social sphere. The protection and enhancement of human health, the increasing of life expectancy and active re the essential elements of social policy of the state. Some advance has been attained in the field of science, education and culture.

At present, the number of students in all types of educational establishments is about seven million persons. The higher education is also widely-developed. An importance place is taken by the Taken State university established in 1920. The university was the basis for the formation and development of the entire system of public education and for increasing of the cultural levels not only in Uzbekistan but in Central Asia on the whole. The number of secondary facial schools has also gone up during the same period.

In spite of some successes in the social sphere a general level of it remains to be low, especially in the rural populated localities. They have unsatisfactory everyday servicing of population; many problems in the sphere of medicine, not all of them are provided with the drinking water, natural gas. Buildings of school and [re-school establishments do not meet the present-day requirements. Therefore the president and the Government Of this important sphere and raising living standards of population. Social sphere – accountant c$EPA

Infrastructure – MM+apocalyptic Undergoes -nonappearance, Bicarbonate Interrelated – unpalatable Accelerated -haycocks Fuel -Tone,EYE Significant – Pushball. ;I Quarry – Seamanship, Kappa refractory involved – Beneath significance -”shake’,e procession – nouvelle; household – expiration, CYMBAL What can you say about the social development of Uzbekistan? What kinds of products are produced in our country? What do you know about the field of science? What is the basic component is the housing construction? How many enterprises operations in the territory of Uzbekistan?