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We think the house will sell quickly. As result / Nevertheless, we want to be sure it looks as good as possible when people mom to see it. 1 read the entire book, yet/ therefore can’t remember anything about the story. 82 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Example Has Dana lived in Singapore since she was a child (live) II time to watch TV tonight. (not have) 2 Luis and Maria married for 1 5 years and are very happy together. (be) 31 can’t believe Paolo isn’t here yet. I for two hours. (wait) 4 you work late again tonight (have to) 5 We didn’t have time to do it ourselves, so we our Lou Eng she by a professional. (decorate) oho many guests in her house right now (have got) committee the ententes with the correct word(s).

Example You need to take care of yourself when you’re ill. One yourself you 1 can use the Internet for research when you write your term paper. One You Each other 2 say its harder to learn languages after you’re 12. They They’re Their 3 need to remember that were very lucky to have good food on the table for each meal. One Ourselves We 4 Alex talks to when Hess writing. Its pretty annoying myself each other himself 5 Bruce and I built the shed in the garden you and your parents talk to . Ourselves by one another by myself 6 Do every weekend yourselves each other another 6 6 Grammar autobiographical 4 Complete the words in the sentences.

Example The nuclear family is made up of the mother, father, and children. 1 My grandparents, uncles, cousins, and so on are my e family. 2 detonate a close r year. 3 My mother was b with my sister. We talk about once a up in a small village in the mountains. 4 guess there’s a s in the family cupboard, but I dent know what it is. 5 Last time we had a big family g_ we had a really good time. 6 When my sister married my b -in-law was really happy, because Hess my best friend. 65 underline the correct word(s). Example old like to get a job / reversion abroad. 1 don’t enjoy my job because the work is monotonous / rewarding. 2 My salary isn’t high, but the wages / benefits are really good. 3 Leo is a great boss because Hess good at motivating / demanding people and making them want to work hard. 4 1 recently had some qualifications / training, which will help me do my work more effectively. 5 As an employee / employer, I expect the company I work for to treat me with respect. 6 It felt good to leave my comfort zone / own mind, but it was also very challenging. 7 Working / Staff turnover is high because the pay is too low. 1 would prefer a jugular job to short-term contracts / salary. 86 Complete the sentences with one word. Example I usually plan all the details of my holiday. 1 don’t like writing reports, so I always it off until the last possible moment. 2 didn’t want to her feelings, but had to tell the truth. 3 When my Swiss company meets with our Japanese colleagues, we business in English. 4 A jacket and tie are without them. 5 Turn off is a phrasal in this restaurant. They wont let you in . My little sister is a monkey is an example of a a way of describing something by saying it is like something else. Vocabulary tota120PRONUNClATlON 7 Match the words tit the same sound. Turnover challenge speaking spread out stepsister employee Example work turnover 1 relatives 2 tedious salary 58 underline the stressed syllable. Example timetable 1 bonus 2 profession 3 advance 4 trousers 5 conduct (v) 5 Pronunciation totally Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation Ottawa READING Read the article and tick (0 A, B, or C. CREATING YOUR OWN JOB SATISFACTION A lot of people think that job satisfaction is only for other people. They look with envy on people who love their jobs and who don’t think of them as work.

The idea of earning a living from something you really eke doing only applies to a few very lucky people, they think. But this isn’t so. Its not only people in the so-called glamour professions, for example, who can get genuine job satisfaction. You don’t have to be in the arts or a sports person to get enjoyment from what you do for a living. Even if you’re in a boring job, its quite possible to get some satisfaction from it. The key to this is your attitude. You may think its unlikely that you can derive much satisfaction from a dull job that doesn’t require much thought and that involves a lot of routine procedures.

But if you approach it with the right attitude, and put some effort in, you may be surprised at how enjoyable you can make it. Of course, if you just sit there telling yourself how boring your job is, you’ll never get anything out of it. But if you set out to find ways of making it enjoyable, there’s a good chance you’ll manage to. One thing you can do is to set yourself challenges. Think about what you can do for yourself to make your work a little bit more interesting. If you’ve got a repetitive job, set yourself some targets to meet and try to beat your previous records.

Or use your initiative in other ways. Think about ways you could develop your rarer into more interesting areas see how you could improve your skills by doing a course, for example, or look into new skills you could get that would stand you in good stead for the future. For some people, its not boredom that’s the problem, its the fact that their jobs involve a significant amount of unpleasantness. But if you keep telling yourself your job is horrible and there’s nothing you can do about it, you’ll get stuck in a rut and you’ll never get out Of it.

FOCUS on developing a positive attitude and try to keep any negative thoughts about your job out of your mind. Keep a sense of perspective if meetings gone wrong on a particular day, decide whether it really matters or not. If it isn’t actually all that important, don’t dwell on it, let it go. Learn from it, and take an upbeat view of what’s happened you’ll know how to avoid the problem in future, or what to do about it if it happens again. Of course, you may reach the point where you feel totally trapped in a job.

If this mindset starts to overwhelm you, check out the options you may have in the place where you work. Map out a plan for improving your situation there. Are there other roles in the organization you could apply for Could you ask to be even different tasks Could you get a different kind of assignment or go to another department where your skills are required Finding out there are other options will give you a sense of control over your own working life. Even if you have no job satisfaction right now, you’ll feel better if you know that there is a realistic prospect of work that gives you a degree of it.

Expectations are another key ingredient in job satisfaction. Take a long hard look at what you really are capable of. Sometimes its important to accept that you couldn’t really do the much more interesting or high-powered job you aspire to. Try to e aware of your own strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the things you really are good at, rather than on things that, if you’re really honest with yourself, you couldn’t actually do. Make the most of your situation and feel good about what you can do, rather than feeling bad about what you can’t do.

Work is a very important part of most peoples lives and its important to get at least some satisfaction from it. If you really dislike your time at work, the rest of your life is affected too, and you can easily get a negative outlook on life in general. Its in your own hands to avoid this. Even if you can’t get the job of our dreams, you can take steps to create your own job satisfaction. 1 The writers aim in the first paragraph is to A distinguish between different kinds of work B correct a false belief C define the term job satisfaction 2 In the second paragraph, the writer .

A warns readers against a certain attitude B advises readers not to have unrealistic ideas about work C suggests to readers that most jobs are dull 3 In the third paragraph, the writer emphasizes . A how easy it can bet progress in a career B a particular route to job satisfaction C the need for people to motivate themselves 4th writer uses the phrase stuck in a rut to offer to . A a situation that wont improve B the bad behavior of others C the danger of being too sensitive 5 What is the writers advice if something goes wrong A Pretend that it did NT happen. B Use the experience to your advantage.

C Don’t think about it until later. 6 The writer says that people who feel trapped in a job should consider discussing their unhappiness with managers B moving to a different company or organization C changing the kind of work they do 7 The writer says that you will feel better about your working life if you think that some job satisfaction is possible in the future B choose a reticular career option for the future C stop aiming for job satisfaction for a while that does the writer say about expectations of work A Too many people have unrealistic ones. B They should be based on real ability.

C They may change as time passes. 9 In the final paragraph, the writer says that A lack of job satisfaction has serious consequences for people B a negative attitude to life leads to a negative attitude to work C there is more to life than job satisfaction 10 Which of the following best sums up the writers view in the text as a whole A Some people find it easier to get job satisfaction than others. Everyone can get a certain amount of job satisfaction. C Job satisfaction is the most important issue in the workplace today. Reading totalitarian You have decided to apply for the position advertised below.

Write approximately 250 words in a covering letter or email. Is this for you We are looking for responsible, experienced people (individuals or couples) of any age to work as house-sitters in different European countries for varying lengths of time. All you need to do is take care of someone house, pets, and garden whilst they are away on business or on holiday. You wont earn any money but your accommodation is free. The minimum length of stay is one week so you can move from place to place. Interested Send an email or letter and C.V. to Bruce Matthews at [email protected] Mom or post it to Writing total O Reading and Writing Ottawa LISTENING 1 Listen to five people talking about the disadvantages of various jobs. Match the speakers (15) to the disadvantages of the job that they mention (AH). Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3 Speaker 4 Speaker 5 Alack of job security B the possibility of making a serious mistake C having to work at inconvenient times D bad treatment from employers E having to work in unpleasant physical conditions other peoples low opinion of the job G having to be dishonest H the need to cooperate with colleagues listen to two friends discussing an article about personality types.

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