English Composition: Quiz essay

Organize and draft your paper. B. Revise and edit your work. C. Invent your ideas. 3- Which of the following is not one of the five elements of the rhetorical situation? Topic CE. Voice 4. Analyze the rhetorical situation. Context Purpose Concept maps are a good way to take your ideas from concept to paper, If a concept map becomes full, how can a writer narrow his/her focus? Use a different method of preprinting. C. Delete the sections of the map that are unnecessary and start over. Choose an interesting point from the map and start a new one. Choose two or three points from the map on which to focus. 5/12th 3 QUIZZES & EXAMS 5. A writers thesis statement hypothesis C. Warrant D. Purpose defines what genre the writer most likely will follow statement Which loom I of thesis statement is used when the writers purpose is to share information with readers? Informative lashes B. Argumentativeness C. Question thesis D. Implied thesis this form of thesis statement is not directly stated. Instead, the writer moves the reader through thoughtful reflection to get the message. Informative thesis C. Question thesis 78. Which form of thesis typically appears at the end of a paper? 7 9.

Which form of thesis statement includes an assertion and backing? [6) Reinvestigation’s 515t2013 ‘O. Win”i, genre best Memoir Proposal Profile fits the statement, “I want to describe someone else’? Rhetorical analysis ’11. Which genre best fits the statement, need to explain an issue by doing research about it’? Report B. Review C. Commentary D. Memoir 12. Which genre best fits the statement, “l want to express my opinion about the people and events around me”? C. Commentary D. Research paper Winch genre best fits the statement, “I need to criticize something I saw, experienced, or read”? A. Report

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B. Commentary c, Review 14. Which of the following is not a rationale for creating a brief reader profile? A. A brief reader B. A brief reader C. A brief reader D. A brief reader profile helps the writer to become motivated to write more. Profile allows the writer to consider the place where the paper will be read profile helps the writer to determine what readers expect to encounter. Profile helps to identify the characteristics of the readers. -11- 15th 3 15. Which of the following is not a value to consider when writing an extended reader profile? Personal values B. Customs C. Financial Status

D. Cultural values ’16. The of a document includes any external influences that will affect how readers understand and respond to writing. Place “Medium IN’ 117. Angle context 9- White’s should consider using to enhance and reinforce the words on the page. Graphics and photographs B- the Internet C. Bedposts or videos D. Bold font a. Who”h of the following is not a social or political influence writers should consider when addressing a particular audience? ‘A. ‘D. Social trends Publishing trends Economic trends Political trends 19. The writers indicates what he/she wants to achieve in the document.

A. Context B. Angle C. Purpose topic 15th 3 /20. When twitter considers what will make his/her topic more interesting to the reader, this is the topic’s A. Topic D. Context 21 . What is the purpose of a rhetorical analysis? A. To express opinions on current issues and events B. To determine how and why texts relate not influential C. To describe interesting people, their significance, and their contributions D. To share true personal stories that you hope will inspire others to reflect on interesting questions or social issues 22. Whale is the purpose off memoir?