Embracing Diversity essay

Define discrimination and support your answer with an example from the movie. Discrimination can be defined as treating someone unjustly or unfavorable particularly because of age, gender, race, or sexuality. We can see various examples of racial discrimination in the movie Remember the Titans from both races. We can see this particularly towards the start of the movie when Julius (dark) and Garry (white) are put into a room together, Julius puts up a poster but Garry makes him take it down which then leads to a fight.

The fact that Garry starts a fight with Julius shows the audience that he feels that he is deter than Julius because Of the skin difference, and that is an act Of discrimination. Define vilification and support your answer with an example from the movie. We can define vilification as writing or speaking abusively or derivatively. A clear example of this in the movie would be how when the new coach, coach Boone, is referred to as Coach Con- a derogative term for someone of dark skin color.

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Only the lighter skinned children refer to him as this with staff members of the school wishing they could also do the same. Another example would be the continual use of the word ‘them’ or ‘your people’ when referring to either color (mainly the darker colored people). Define prejudice and support your answer with an example from the movie. Prejudice is term that refers to a preconception people may have about something or someone despite not having any experiences regarding the person or thing.

We can see this with Sherry Yeast (the coach’s daughter) and how she reacts to the new coach (Coach Boone). When the coach first arrives she assumes that he isn’t good at what he does and that he’s just trying to top her father from getting into the hall of fame- she only assumes this because he’s black and she refuses to make time for him or his family. This shows prejudice because she hasn’t even seen him coach or let him even speak for the matter and yet still assumes he’s no good.

Define harassment and support your answer with an example from the movie. Harassment simply refers to continuous aggressiveness, intimidation and or pressure from one person to another. We can see this in the movie in regards to Ray Buds. Ray refuses to accept the new team members often seen refusing hem to sit with him and talking to them like they’re not the same species, he continuously talks down to them and puts them down and those who are friends with them.

He manages to harass the black team members so much that he eventually gets kicked off the team. Explain how social factors influenced the development and occurrences of the discrimination in the movie, give examples. Ignorance and stereotypes seem to be the biggest social factor that influenced the changes. Stereotypes can be seen just about throughout the entire movie particularly at the beginning and when the team arrives back to school. The stereotypes seen are that black people and white can’t get along and that black people will take over.

An example of these stereotypes are when Carry’s girlfriend says “look at them, they hate us…. They’ll always hate us”, this shows that she had prejudged them and assumed that they we’re not like herself, along with the idea that blacks and whites haven’t got along in the past so why would they start now. Another example is when Coach Yeast (white) “it only takes one. Then we’re all going to be overrun by them”. This example is not only shows that he assumes that al black people are trying to take over, but that all black people are good at sport.

The fact that all these various stereotypes are shown to be believed by the characters shows that they’re ignorant, something the team soon realizes and sets out to change. Identify three strategies used by the coach/team members to overcome the discrimination. Evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness Of each Of these strategies. Coach Boone forces the team to bunk together and sit on the bus together, one black and one white, in order to try get them to communicate and get over their petty behavior.

He forces them to learn something about ever member on their team and share it or be punished. Another tactic he uses is to take them on a jog to the graves of a war between the blacks and whites in order to show them that thousands of people lost their lives for the same silly fight the team is having. The other thing the coach does to try and combat the racism is to treat each player the same. He admits to being hard on the players when during training and on the field but he’s hard on everyone showing the team that to him, they’re all equal.

These strategies all seem appropriate to me and were all obviously effective because the team was able to put aside their differences and come together to make something great. They were all somewhat threatening but sometimes the intimidating need to be intimidated and so each one proved their effectiveness and each one allowed the team to grow closer, win or lose. Describe the importance of characters in the film that resisted the social pressure to discriminate. Evaluate the conflicts they faced and how they overcame them. How did these characters influence others to resist social erasure to discriminate?

Gerry Bertie was the main driving force against discrimination; he refused his girlfriend and fought with his own mother in order to stand up for his friends. This characters decision had more importance than most because he played the quarterback, the most sought after position often linked with popularity and ignorance, however Gerry was different. He (fairly fast) decided that he wasn’t any different to the darker people on his team and always stood up for them against friends, family even opposing teams, he refused to let the poor treatment continue.

The redecorate is often ends up taking a leadership role and the rest of the team (generally) follows, this means that when the team saw Gerry stick up for them, they felt compelled to stick up for them as well, it meant that they were more open minded because of his decisions and how he acted around the darker members of the team. In your opinion, describe how a positive sense of self can influence social behavior. Use characters and examples from the movie to support your opinion. A better sense of self means that you feel more confident and empowered to work harder.

Working harder means that o have a better chance of changing society or at least how your community sees things, this also means that you allow yourself to grow and improve yourself as a person. Gerry had a very strong sense of self which allowed him to see that the way darker members of his team were being treated wasn’t fair along with that the way he reacted to ‘Sunshine kiss was somewhat unjust. This allows him to grow as a person and make new friends whilst changing the way that his family and previous friends think and see different people, ultimately improving a part of society by treating everyone equally.