Embaresing moment essay

The small embarrassing moments in life are the ones that make us laugh and cry. Have done countless embarrassing things in my life, and when I look back have to laugh because most of them are extremely foolish acts by me that back fired on me. Was a member of my school drama club. At the end of the year, we were going to present a play based on a famous book called Jane Rye. I was to play the part of the main male character, Mr.. Rochester. Our play was going to be performed before parents, important guests and the whole school.

So, we anted to make sure that everything went smoothly. Two days before the actual performance, we had a dress rehearsal. It went off very well. Hannah, who was playing the part of the main female character, Jane, seemed anxious. Hannah said, “Oh dear, they say that if everything goes smoothly during the dress rehearsal, things will go wrong during the performance itself! ‘ We hoped that was not true. The night before the performance, felt a bit nervous. I kept going over my lines again and again, although knew them perfectly. My family members were quite tired of hearing me practicing.

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On the day of the performance, all the performers had to be in school several hours earlier to put on our make-up and costumes. Some of us went over our lines again. Mrs.. Wong the drama club adviser, encouraged us and told us to just do our best. The parents, guests and school pupils arrived. Soon, it was time for the curtain to go up. This was it, I told myself. This was the moments had spent months preparing for. Everything went well in the first half of the play. It was a rather solemn play with hardly anything comic to laugh at but the audience looked interested.

Then came the most important scene in which Mr.. Rochester was supposed to throw off his cloak to reveal his identity to Jane. Had never had any trouble with this scene during rehearsals. But now, as I was flinging off the cloak and saying ‘Jane, it’s me! ‘ the cloak wrapped itself around my face. As I tried to get the cloak off, repeated, ‘It’s me, Jane! ‘ but my voice was muffled, of course. The audience roared with laughter. To top it all, Jane started to giggle. I simply could not remove the cloak and when I took a step forward clumsily, I tripped and fell!

The audience laughed harder Han ever. At that point, the curtain came down, thankfully. Mrs.. Wong rushed on to the stage to free me from the cloak. I was so embarrassed I could have cried. Mrs.. Wong comforted me and said the show must go on. She almost had to push me on to the stage for the next scene. The moment appeared, the audience started to chuckle. Somehow, I managed to go through the remaining scenes. Although my parents and my fellow students comforted me and even commended me for making the play so entertaining I still go red each time I think of the most embarrassing moment of my life.